They ask: I answer, creatively.

“What are you doing after graduation?” Says the sophomore with enthusiasm to me as we walk down the yellow mellow corridor. This is where I get really creative and I answer “I think I’m going to New Zealand once I get a job” after I say this nonchalantly, I grin. She opens her eyes wildly and is surprised at my future accomplishment. I look at her and see myself asking that same questions to all the seniors I possibly could two years ago. They all said I don’t know, please don’t ask, some even looked and me offended at the question. Now that I’m on the other side, I understand. Truth is they all want to hear something exciting and I do as well. So, I say something plausible and hope it happens. Why not? Why not pretend that I might go to New Zealand to surf, live of the land, and bungee jump. Knowing myself I know that I may end up in any corner of the world. The sophomore walks away, maybe planning how great it’s going to be when she graduates rather than frighten contemplate how the rest of her life will go after graduation. They all ask the birds, the cafeteria people, the librarians, the waiters at restaurants, all underclassman, puppies, and my cousins. Truth is what I’m doing after graduation is everything I can that will make me happy. I plan to become a lawyer, yoga instructor, writer, poet, marathon runner, artist, and best of all a great cook with my herb garden, also carpenter, and multilingual. You see, they all forget that after graduation I have the rest of my life. That’s a relatively a long time for me.

NZ Sheep

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