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Declaring Independence

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Today is the last day of July, but it will not be the last day that I focus on this month’s prompt: Declaring independence and celebrating what’s important. This has been a very powerful focus for me this month. I … Continue reading

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You Got a Friend in Me!

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I read somewhere recently that, “Getting to know someone is one of life’s greatest challenges and pleasures.” This is as true as any statement I can think of. Would you agree? Communication stems from a desire to know and a … Continue reading

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You Deserve Self-Love!

The world is full of people hating themselves for their defects and flaws. Being in my own recovery I have found out that I should never feel ashamed about myself. One thing that has been helpful is that my journey … Continue reading

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Talents & Self-Love

Everyday, I wonder why I have certain talents. But not only that, I also wonder how I can use my talents to better the world. Sometimes, I feel like self-love is a talent, well something a talent can stream from. … Continue reading

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July Self-Love Diet Writing Prompt: Claiming Your Independence

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Every fourth of July we celebrate our independence from Great Britain. The Declaration of Independence was adopted on July 4, 1776, which announced that the thirteen American colonies, then at war with Great Britain, claimed themselves as independent sovereign states … Continue reading

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Radical Change & Self-Love

Radical change and self-love proves that anyone can overcome anything and use it to transform others around them as well. One person helping another person in a similar situation is very important and can literally spark a change in someone. … Continue reading

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A Canvas of Self-Love!

Sometimes I wonder if when I am writing for the Self-Love Warrior Blog or creating images for the Love Warrior Community if people notice these things. I ponder: How would I paint a picture for everyone on how to start … Continue reading

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