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You Got a Friend in Me!

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I read somewhere recently that, “Getting to know someone is one of life’s greatest challenges and pleasures.” This is as true as any statement I can think of. Would you agree? Communication stems from a desire to know and a … Continue reading

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You Deserve Self-Love!

The world is full of people hating themselves for their defects and flaws. Being in my own recovery I have found out that I should never feel ashamed about myself. One thing that has been helpful is that my journey … Continue reading

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Talents & Self-Love

Everyday, I wonder why I have certain talents. But not only that, I also wonder how I can use my talents to better the world. Sometimes, I feel like self-love is a talent, well something a talent can stream from. … Continue reading

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Radical Change & Self-Love

Radical change and self-love proves that anyone can overcome anything and use it to transform others around them as well. One person helping another person in a similar situation is very important and can literally spark a change in someone. … Continue reading

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A Canvas of Self-Love!

Sometimes I wonder if when I am writing for the Self-Love Warrior Blog or creating images for the Love Warrior Community if people notice these things. I ponder: How would I paint a picture for everyone on how to start … Continue reading

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Self-Love Gives You Freedom

These past few days have reminded me how much Self-Love does for me in my day-to-day life. Some days are hard, but by practicing self-love I’m able to just be me. I love being cancer free, and I definitely love … Continue reading

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Roaring Back!

I was deep in my eating disorder. Everything was going awry. My parents didn’t know what to do with me. My therapist was ready to give up on me. I finally decided that enough was enough, and I needed to … Continue reading

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