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I am currently a senior at Randolph College, founded as Randolph-Macon Woman's College in 1891, majoring in Political Science: International Relations with minors in Spanish and Studio Art. Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia I believe that I have significant contributions to make to the world of diplomacy and US foreign policy. As Student Government President I am the liaison between the students and the faculty and administration, as well as the student representative to the Board of Trustees. I also serve as the Co-President of an all female a cappella group Songshine. I am known for being involved in any and every aspect at school. Some of my passions include playing on the volleyball and tennis teams, singing in almost every group at my school, performing in my very first musical Spring Awakening in the theatre department to taking orders as a barista at the schools’ coffee shop Main Grounds. After I graduate in May 2012, I aspire to attend the Master of Arts in Political Science with a concentration in European Union Policy Studies one-year, 33-credit graduate program. The intensive, residential program is based wholly in Florence, Italy and results in an MA degree in Political Science from James Madison University. My goal is to spread the Love Warrior Community, meaning more people actively bringing self-love into their lives and into the lives of others, more people accepting and loving themselves as they are and more people empowered to follow their passions and share them with the world. The Love Warrior Community is as strong as those involved. By joining the Love Warrior Community, I have the opportunity to create my own self-love practice, bringing more love into my life and the lives of those around me. I will be able to influence a greater number of people and help them to see their value and worth beyond their bodies.

Contemporary Classics

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Alum Pearl S. Buck graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College in 1914. In 1938, she won the Nobel Prize in Literature. The committee said that they were awarding her this year’s prize for her “notable works in which … Continue reading

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People take up space. Human beings give back to the world through knowledge and love.

The world today allows us to be comfortable in forgetting how to be human beings. We have computers that can really do almost anything, so we spend our leisure time exploring different technological options. I forget that our minds don’t … Continue reading

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Ode to Fingernails

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Horn-like envelope, Scratching, cutting, and scraping. THIS is why I can’t have nice things. I try to be proactive and give myself a manicure but we all know that turns into me biting half of the nail off. Only because … Continue reading

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My Body is a Wonderland

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When I came home after 1 year of traveling around Europe, I had lost a considerable amount of weight. I hadn’t really noticed it until my clothes literally started to fall off. I’ve always LOVED the way I looked because … Continue reading

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Sometimes I feel like I have to justify all of my actions. Where I go to school, where I choose to work, who I hang out with, the food I eat, why I have natural hair, etc. Why did all … Continue reading

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A poem intended to be sung.

You defy convention and do what is considered taboo. Sometimes people don’t appreciate your differences so be strong-willed anyway. Be loyal and believe in fate. Don’t let the negative energy of others transfer to you. Don’t let the idea of … Continue reading

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Change is Good.

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I have never been so depressed in my life. I had been back on U.S. soil all of one day and I already wanted so desperately to return to the Italian countryside. I missed my friends, the food, and the … Continue reading

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