About LWC

The Love Warrior Blog is an extension of the Love Warrior Community, a community focused on helping you work on self-love and body acceptance. It’s a community that uses creativity to help encourage you to create your own self-love practice. Our Motto is, “Love your body. Love yourself. Love the world.”

The Self-Love Warrior group blog is a place for people to reflect and think about their self-love journey. Some people may use it as accountability to bring more self-love actions into their life. Others may use it to reflect on large portions of their life, their past year, month or week. Others may use it to reflect on their day or a specific moment in time. What struggles, successes, obstacles and revelations have occurred when actively working on bringing more self-love into your life?

When you write about your self-love journey, it forces you to actively think about it, which helps to strengthen an active self-love practice. We’re excited for you to join us in writing in the group blog. We’re excited that it will bring more self-love into your life, which will effect you and those around you.

By sharing your self-love process with the Love Warrior Community you will help others to see their struggles, successes, desires, insecurities and strengths in you. You’ll help others in their journey to love themselves. By reading others’ self-love stories, you’ll be empowered to continue on your self-love journey, knowing that you are a part of this community where everybody is working on a common goal.

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