Will You Let Fear Dictate How You Live?

I recently attended a women’s conference, G3 (Gather, Grow, and Go) in beautiful Sonoma County. Kristina Kuzmic, a parenting YouTube vlogger, was one of the speakers. She told her story of going back to Croatia to play the piano at her cousin’s wedding.

The day of the wedding, bombing broke out. The bakery, florist shop, and reception hall were closed and the musicians cancelled. Everyone was fearful and taking cover.

The bride and groom moved forward with their plans for their wedding that day! The church was still open. Kristina could still play the piano. The guests brought baked goods to replace the wedding cake, and amidst the bombs, a celebration was had!

After the wedding, they went into the basement of the church instead of the reception hall and continued their celebration amongst booming explosions. They raised the volume of the music and danced through the night.


Since it was not safe to go outside, all the guests slept together in that church basement and woke up together with the bride and groom on their first day as a married couple.

Love was more powerful than fear for all of those who attended.

The Love Warrior Community is a group of people committed to choosing love over fear. In practicing the Self-Love Diet, we have redefined the word diet to mean “things regularly offered,” and we choose to regularly offer ourselves a diet of love.

What metaphorical bombs do you currently have in your life? How are they holding you back, what messages do they have for you, and how can you navigate through your fear?

Blessings on your Self-Love Diet Journey,

Michelle Minero

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