Commitment to Love

cup of self-love

Sitting outside I can hear the distinct songs of at least 4 different kinds of birds. The sound of cars in the far distance sound almost like waves. As I close my eyes I feel the warmth of the afternoon, a soft gentle breeze against my face. My husband’s presence is made aware by the sound of him turning the pages of his book. The sound of a far away plane, and laughter coming from inside the house is added to the soft clicks of my key pad as I write for this 10 minute period. This weekend is the first annual weekend get away for the Minero family. What a blessing it’s been to have married into this loving, close family. Our unfounded fears were that my father and mother-in-law’s passing would be an invitation not to continue to gather.

This weekend is a testament to the commitment to love. We each made a conscious decision to make it a priority to find a date that would work for all 11 of us, not an easy task. Next we had to find a rental home large enough to accommodate 11 adults, pay for our portion and buy the food for the weekend.

Staying connected by being together is a decision. Non of us know how long we have, and being together is a priority that we take seriously.

Similarly, staying connected to myself, and making myself a priority by offering myself love each day is something I take seriously.

How lovely it is to be able to balance time with others and myself this weekend, and in my life.

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2 Responses to Commitment to Love

  1. Sharon Cooper says:

    How beautiful, Michele!

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