Three Aspects of My Life I Am Grateful For


My life is filled to the brim. I have a life full of blessings, abundant and overflowing. Joy mingles with grief, they lie side by side like the light tinkling laughter of my granddaughters’ new voices next to the memory of the sound of my mother-in-law’s last gurgled breaths. The smile that warmed and illuminated the face of my daughter as we sang happy birthday to her on her 30th birthday lies alongside intimate sobs from the core of my husband’s chest, releasing the pain of his loss.

Daylight streams into my bedroom each morning, a reassuring reminder of the promise in each new day. My work allows me to sit in the sanctity of my office with my clients who courageously share their fears, rage and tears alongside their passions, hopes, dreams, laughter and convictions to create a better life for themselves. I love my life, all of it.

I also have a rich inner life. It is full of ideas, visions, thoughts, fears, dreams, inspirations, anxieties and desires. Confidence sits next to insecurity, peace shares space with agitation, and conflict is alongside tranquility. Feelings of connection and rejection, joy, and of course, love, all share space in my inner life.

I am so grateful for my inner observer which illuminates my ability to observe my thoughts, be aware of my emotions and allows me to delve into my inner life in order to learn anew the most loving way to work with myself and others.

My spiritual life is part of my inner life, but it expands beyond me through space and time. I believe I am a spiritual being in this body of mine. I also believe that my spiritual essence will continue in some form after my body dies. This is the realm of the unknown, and yet I experience this part of myself with intense clarity at times, and at other times with complete awareness that I am sure of nothing!

Thank you Emelina for tagging me in the “5 days of gratitude” challenge. This month of September has been challenging with the loss of my mother-in-law, so I’ve given myself permission to write about my positive things over an extended period of time. I have two more days left of this challenge, and look forward to sharing my gratitude with you further.

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Blessings on your Self-Love Diet as you look for the positives in yourself and in your life.

Michelle Minero

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