Knowing What You Want + Positive Thought + Action = Positive Outcome

September’s Self-Love Diet Writing Prompt

Happy September!

For this month’s Self-Love Diet writing prompt, we are focusing on positive thought and gratitude. Both are trending on Facebook right now.

In the past week, I was tagged by two Facebook posts to participate in a Positivity and Gratitude challenge.

FB Positivity

FB Gratitude

The Power of Positive Thought

Positive thought is instrumental to self-love, and gratitude is one way to foster positive thought. Our thoughts influence our actions, our feelings and our future thoughts. Our thoughts lay the groundwork to our habits. By letting go of our negative thought loops and adopting new, positive thoughts, we can change our habits.


Changing Your Belief Systems and Forming New Habits

Your belief systems can be changed. Your beliefs were created by a single thought, a single thought that you began to repeat over and over again in your mind. In order to create a new belief, you only need to begin with a single thought.

What thought patterns do you want to cultivate? What beliefs do you want to manifest? What do you want to bring into your life?

When you think about how you want to change your life, you may think about everything that isn’t going right, and you know what you don’t want. When you next focus on how you want your life to be different, instead of focusing on what you don’t want, put your focus on what you do want.

What Do You Want In Your Life?

What do you want? What do you want to bring into your life? What do you want to cultivate?

Once you know what you want – think it, speak it and incorporate into your positive thought practice this month.

When you begin to repeat what you do want from your life, and focus on the positive in your life, over and over again, like a broken record, throughout the entire month, eventually your actions will mirror your thoughts and you’ll start to take action on what you want.

Knowing What You Want + Positive Thought + Action = Positive Outcomes

Where do you start when adopting a positive thought practice?

I started adopting a conscious positive thought practice a few days ago. When I get stressed or feel difficult emotions, I have been imagining my heart opening up and receiving love and sending out waves of love to those around me. I imagine pink and yellow, and warm energy emanating from my heart, surrounding the people around me.

heart flow

Yesterday, I added two new tools to my positive thought practice. I saw that I was tagged on Facebook to participate in a Positivity and Gratitude Challenge and yesterday was day one of seven of the Gratitude Facebook Challenge, as well as day one of five of the Positivity Facebook Challenge. I will write three things that I’m grateful for – for seven days, and I will write about five positive things that happen each day for five days.

Coming up with three things to be grateful for and five positive experiences each day can seem daunting. If so, a great place to start when fostering positive thought is to focus on one positive thought each day.

Cultivating Positive Thought


Pick one new thought you want to believe about yourself, or pick one positive intention that you want to set for yourself throughout the month of September.

For example, I tend to be disorganized, forgetful and not punctual. If I continue to tell myself that I am disorganized, forgetful and not punctual, then I will be cultivating those beliefs and supporting those actions.

Instead, I can state the new beliefs that I want to cultivate by telling myself, “I am organized, punctual and can hold myself accountable.”

I can write that statement down or type it up and print it out, and each morning before I wake up, and perhaps each night before I go to sleep, I can read it out loud and tell myself that, “I am organized, punctual and can hold myself accountable.”

I can take that a step further and can start to visualize what it would look like to be organized, punctual and to be able to hold myself accountable. I can create a collage, mapping out what it would look like, or simply visualize it in my mind.

I can take it one step further, and share the new beliefs that I’m focusing on with a family member or friend.

The more ways you reinforce the new belief you want to cultivate, the stronger that new belief will become, and over time it will replace your old beliefs about yourself.

If you rather focus on cultivating an intention for each day, instead of creating a new belief, you could do that through the same way.

Each morning, before you get out of bed, you can focus on the intention you want to build upon throughout the day – perhaps you want to cultivate serenity, focus, patience or forgiveness throughout the day. You can set your intention in the morning, and bring yourself back to that intention throughout the day.

My Intentions For The Month Of September

For the month of September, I am going to be focusing on letting go, serenity, independence, and balance.

Specifically, I want a full-time job with benefits in San Francisco that will allow me to move to San Francisco. That will help me towards independence and balance.

Letting go and serenity is the first step to get me there. I’m involved in too much and I have to let go of a lot of my commitments that are draining my energy and focus and that are not leading me towards my goal of a balanced life.

By lessening my plate, I will be in a more balanced state. By lessening my plate, I can live more in the present moment and enjoy and be grateful for what is around me.

By lessening my plate, I can put more energy towards my goal of moving to San Francisco.

I want to live in San Francisco because SF is my soul city. When in San Francisco, I feel more free. I feel like I can breathe easier. I am out in nature more. I am more social. I feel more like my authentic self in San Francisco. I feel more in balance.

To feel more balanced, I am going to be out in nature more and I am going to go for more walks and runs. Running and being out in nature are like meditation to me.

I am going to be more social. Having a social life is very necessary for to feel in balance. When I begin to isolate myself, I fall quickly out of balance.

Where I Am Going To Start


How will I get where I want to be? I’ll start here:

  1. Letting go and lessening my commitments
  2. Going for walks and jogs out in nature (I’m in San Francisco right now, and Golden Gate Park is a beautiful place to run and walk)
  3. Visualizing my heart opening up and receiving and sending love
  4. The 7 Days of Gratitude Facebook Challenge
  5. The 5 Days of Positivity Facebook Challenge
  6. Connecting more with friends and family near by and far away

What do you want to cultivate in your life right now? How will you bring positivity into your life, and what first step will you take?

Let us know. You can submit your writing to be published here on Self-Love Warrior by going here. You can also share your updates with us on the Self-Love Diet: The Only Diet That Works Facebook Page.

I look forward to hearing how you’ll incorporate positivity into your life this month.


Emelina Minero

About emelinaminero

I'm passionate about people, community, self-love and the diversity in the human experience.
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6 Responses to Knowing What You Want + Positive Thought + Action = Positive Outcome

  1. Hi Emelina, Thanks for your wonderful post and prompts for September. It’s been heartwarming to see you putting your intentions into action!

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  3. Karema Moheisen says:

    I love this post.I wish only the best for you! Sending much love your way!!

  4. Pingback: Death, Anxiety, Gratitude, Letting Go and Tumblr | Emelina Minero Writes

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