Love Is More Powerful Than Any Evil


Today is the last day of my vacation. I woke up this morning and walked into the living room to find my husband watching the movie The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. As I joined him on the couch, the character Gandalf played by Ian McKellen was speaking with Galadriel, one of the three members of the White Council, played by Cate Blanchett. Galadriel asked Gandalf why he had the wee hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, in his company as they were journeying towards an evil that was growing stronger day by day.

I’m paraphrasing Gandalf’s response:

Some think that in order to fight evil, a greater more powerful evil is necessary to win the battle. I am not of that opinion. I have found that it’s the everyday kindnesses from ordinary folk, given with love, that triumph over evil and change the world for the better.

As we continue our focus on speaking our truth for this month of August, I was struck by Gandalf’s response.

Whatever your challenge is, whether it’s connected to struggling with an eating disorder, mood disorder, substance abuse, unhealthy relationship, grief and loss, cancer, or a chronic disease, I believe that you do not need to battle your challenger. Instead, by going inward and connecting with the compassion, kindness and love that lives inside of you, you will be able to, bit by by, choose love and kindness in response to each moment. This is the power of the Self-LoveDiet, to regularly offer yourself and others love in any given moment, especially those moments that would offer you an invitation for conflict, rage, unforgiveness or despair.

Blessings on your Self-Love Diet journey,

Michelle Minero

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