Declaring Independence


Today is the last day of July, but it will not be the last day that I focus on this month’s prompt: Declaring independence and celebrating what’s important. This has been a very powerful focus for me this month.

I declared independence from the part of me that mistakenly connected my self-worth with my accomplishments. This part of me constantly applies pressure to do more. By detaching my worth from what I do, I have an increased sense of well-being and inner peace.

I’ve found myself sitting on my meditation bench in my backyard, giving myself permission to stay off of the computer when I get home from work, playing more card games with my daughter and husband, watering the plants in the backyard and going for more walks.

It hasn’t always been easy to do less. I’ve stepped back from my work with EDRS, (Eating Disorders Recovery Support Inc.) the non-profit organization I founded in 2005. I see the new president and members working diligently and successfully on the upcoming conference without my involvement. Letting go is a practice, and letting go of my attendance at meetings and being part of the planning process feels like missing out – like I’m losing something. On the other hand, trusting my “EDRS baby” to others is similar to birthing children and letting them grow up and make their own way. When I detach my self-worth with my EDRS work, I can relax, and know that I am just as valuable today as I was when I was actively participating in conference plans. This is my lesson.

The second half of the prompt for July was celebrating what’s important. I have become even clearer about the priorities in my life. Having more quite, downtime for myself and opening up more time to spend with my friends and family is what is truly important.

I hope this month’s prompt has helped you to gain independence from those beliefs and actions that have interfered with your ability to be as loving to yourself and others as you can. I would also love to hear what you have been celebrating.

Blessings on your Self-Love Diet,

Michelle Minero

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