Declaration of Independence: Freedom to Be

Declaration of Independence: Freedom to Be


Today is July 4th 2014. Just as our leaders wrote a declaration of Independence from Great Britain, today I write a declaration of independence to myself.

I declare independence from the idea that my worth and value comes from what I do rather than who I am.

I am proud of my accomplishments in this life time. I know I have helped others and created opportunities for people to gather and be of support to one another and the greater community. I do not see my accomplishment- based life as a negative, however it does have a shadow. What I am declaring independence from is the connection of my self-esteem to what I accomplish.

I am not what I do.

I am yearning for more ‘down time” where I can “be” and not have a goal I am working towards eat up the blissful empty space in my mind. My intention is to grow my ability to be quiet, observe, listen, and enjoy the power of the moment. When I let go of all that has passed, and all the thoughts and dreams or list of things to do in the future, I am left with myself, what ever surrounds me, and is in me, in the present moment. This is all I have. All the rest is illusion. I am not what I have been. I am not what I will be. I am totally complete in this moment. There is a joy and peace and serenity in this knowledge.

I am declaring independence from needing to accomplish things. This does not mean I won’t continue to actively participate in this life. I know there are things I want to do and accomplish. What I am declaring independence from is needing to “do something” grand in order to have worth or value. I declare that my very being, just like yours, is enough. My intention is that by being with myself and listening to my hearts desires, I will make this world a better place each day. It does not need to be connected to passing a bill in the senate, creating a recovery program, or building a successful business. I know the world is a better place when I offer a smile to a stranger, a hug to a friend, listen to others with my heart, or spend time “being” with my loved ones.

What will you declare independence from this month of July?

Blessings to you on your Self-Love Diet Journey,

Michelle Minero

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