Self-Love Gives You Freedom

These past few days have reminded me how much Self-Love does for me in my day-to-day life.

Some days are hard, but by practicing self-love I’m able to just be me. I love being cancer free, and I definitely love being disorder free, not hooked up to feeding machines! For me, Self-Love gives me freedom.

Self-Love gives you a freedom that is not explainable, sometimes unfathomable, and most of all, life-changing. Looking at who I was before I started practicing self-love on a daily basis, I was sad, broken and needed to be freed from myself. I eventually learned to roar back. I eventually learned tools that keep me free. I eventually learned to embrace my story, my trials and my journey.

I was talking to someone about how the power of our stories, our backgrounds and our lives are all different. Some are rooted in self-love, religion, yoga and many other things. We all have those times when we need that one thing that sets us free from the things that hold us back.  I want to cling to things like self-love, great friendships, even chocolate (yuuuum).

Being who I want to be, not what others want to see. Being true. Being unique. Being free.  I have learned time is too short to be something I am not.

Today I want us all to remember that freedom is not letting your yesterday affect your today. Live, Laugh and Love. Live free. Laugh uncontrollably. Love unconditionally.


Radically Love,




About Sunny With A Chance of Me

Hey, I'm Lila, 23, Musician, Dance, Photography, Pre- Med Major. GCU. Singer, Activist, Believer, Awesomesauce, Self-Love Warrior Intern. I am Recovering, Inspiring, Thriving, Surviving, Conquering and Zesting others with my charm. This is blog of my recovery, my journey, and my life. From Self-Hate to Self- Love! SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO LOOK YOUR LION IN THE FACE AND ROOOOOOAAAAAAARRRR BACK!
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One Response to Self-Love Gives You Freedom

  1. Dear Lila,
    I am so grateful for your recovery for so many reasons. Reading your interview with Leah was so inspiring. You have chosen the Self-Love Diet, and have not let your past experiences define who you are. Your recovery is not only a blessing for you, but also a light to guide anyone else who is on the same path. Lila, when I was writing Self-Love Diet; The Only Diet That Works, I was hoping the information in it would be helpful to others. Hearing how the messages in the book have made all the difference for you is a dream come true for me. I am so proud to have you as our Love Warrior Intern.
    Blessings on your Daily Self-Love Diet Practice,

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