May Self-Love Diet Writing Prompt: Body Gratitude

This month’s Self-Love Diet writing prompt is inspired by singer Mary Lambert’s Body Love campaign. Leading up to the premiere of Mary Lambert’s video “Body Love,” she posted a photo of different parts of her body each day and shared why she liked them. We’re going to take the month of May to focus on different parts of our body and why we are grateful for them and what we appreciate about them.

For example, I am grateful for my hands and my fingers. I get teased for the small size of my hands compared to others. My fingers get called stubby, but I love my hands. They’re beautiful. They’re strong. They allow me to take care of myself. They’re my support, and they help me lift myself up, literally. I love being active. I love doing pushups, throwing a football, shooting a basketball. I can pick up things with my hands. My hands help me drive. I didn’t realize how much I depend on my hands until recently when I jammed my middle finger while playing catch with a football.

My Hand

My hand

As my finger has been healing I have been made aware of how much I rely on my hands, especially since all of the work I do is from my computer. I need my hands to type. Almost everything involves my hands and fingers: picking up a cup, getting food out of the refrigerator, making my bed, bathing myself, getting dressed, repositioning myself while I’m sitting on the couch watching The Voice on Mondays and Tuesdays, even stretching my legs.

My hands are my support. I use them in a lot of daily tasks that I do mindlessly, and with my middle finger being injured, none of these tasks can be done mindlessly anymore. Slight pressure and use of my middle finger brings me pain, and reminds me of how frequently I use that finger and how it supports the rest of my hand, which supports my whole body in everyday movements. I’m grateful for my hands, for my fingers, for the small parts of my body that I rarely give thought to and for all of the support that they give to me daily to live out my life.

Share with us the different parts of your body that you’re grateful for, and why you’re grateful for them. Take the month of May as an opportunity to write a thank you letter to different parts of your body each day. You can submit your thank you letters here, or you can share your body gratitude with the Love Warrior Community on our Self-Love Diet Facebook Page.

From Mary Lambert’s blog post announcing her Body Love campaign:

Your empowerment and strength can be a tool for others. I believe we can build each other up.  I think self love is one of the most important and potentially culture-shifting movements that is happening and can be propelled.

Let’s share our love with ourselves, and propel our culture towards self-love in the process.

– Emelina Minero

Me high fiving Mary Lambert at the Dinah Shore in Palm Springs, CA

Me high fiving Mary Lambert at the Dinah Shore in Palm Springs, CA

About emelinaminero

I'm passionate about people, community, self-love and the diversity in the human experience.
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