Daily Efforts

She Decided She Was Worth It

So I had a great therapy session. I have never really talked in depth about my ed. I realized that the reasons I and my therapist think I have an ed is because of the shame I feel inside from the years of abuse. I never noticed that before. When I used to purge/restrict it was usually related to a flashback of abuse. It was very eye opening to learn my triggers.

I have also realized with the help of my dietitian and my doctor that I can healthily lose weight (someday) with the help of them. (But I will have to work on myself first.) I’m still not allowed to exercise.

I also have moved forward with getting my dorm for this fall. That is so exciting. I will be more centered in my studies. I just don’t want a new therapist though.

I had left over crab and brownies. And didn’t have any ed related thoughts.

I just realized that I haven’t purged or restricted for 20 whole days. My longest time ever. I have been committed to recovery for 25 days. I’m feeling good.

–  Lila

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2 Responses to Daily Efforts

  1. angharad says:

    It’s so great that you had a good therapy session. Knowing your triggers is so insightful and it will really help you move away from ED behaviours. Your ed makes sense when you know your triggers, so I really hope this helps you in the long-run. I’m so glad you have a dietitian too – my dietitian has been absolutely amazing beyond words! Massive congratulations on not restricting or purging for 20 days, that is a fabulous achievement! Be proud of yourself and keep fighting!!

  2. Dear Lila,
    I”m so pleased to hear of your progress. Thanks for letting us know! I’m so glad you have the support you need from your treatment team, and now from this Self Love Warrior Community! Blessings to you as you continue on your path of loving yourself to health.

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