Shadow and Light


Dear Love Warrior Community,

I have been doing some thinking about things that really bother me that are great qualities that have their shadow side. Self-love accepts that these are all parts of me and continues to grow and work with them.

1.) LIGHT: I am a highly responsible and punctual person. I am always on time, get things done, have integrity to my word and follow through. I find that I am more responsible than most people my age and people older. This has a light to it as it makes me highly efficient, responsible and in many ways a respectful, honest and loyal friend.

SHADOW: I get irritated when people don’t follow through, don’t show up when they say they will. I hate it when I am flaked on and get frustrated when those I know and care for don’t follow through with their word and let me know what’s going on. This effects my relationship with them as this is something I value, and I can feel highly disrespected when individuals do it over and over again–even when I can understand that they don’t possess this characteristic as strongly as I do.

SELF-LOVE: Self-love works with this and knows that this is a positive characteristic and that those people who don’t show up and flake, that does not “always” equal them not caring, but it is more of their nature and style. Self-love also realizes that I may not choose to have these types of people in my life, or limit them as this is important to me.

2.) LIGHT: I speak my truth with openness and kindness. I speak from my heart and let those I know how I feel. I don’t often avoid any type of confrontation as holding things in makes it worse over time and makes whatever “bad or upsetting” experience grow.

SHADOW: Sometimes this can make people uncomfie who don’t like confrontation and it can lead to losing friendships. I realize that it’s a shadow when people don’t state what they need and desire, and it complicates the friendship and makes boundaries blur and become messy.

SELF-LOVE: Self-love speaks my truth with respect and kindness, knowing that others may choose not to stay because of this–but knows those who are meant to be will stay. Self-love accepts this part of me as it has taken a while to get here and won’t be passive aggressive by holding in things that need to be said.

This is all I have for now. What things ruffle your feathers and why? How can you use this to learn, expand and love yourself?

Love and light,

Lindsey Wert

March’s self-love writing prompt is the Body Path. You can share your self-love journey with the Love Warrior Community by submitting your self-love posts to be published here on Self-Love Warrior, or you can share them on the Self-Love Diet Facebook page.

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