The Black Forest

Dear Love Warrior Community,

Today was my second full round of treatment in Germany and it was a difficult morning and few hours after. Several hours after treatment I felt a burst of energy soar through me and I felt like my old self again; thinking clearly, energy and full of life. I used some of this energy to walk through the Black Forest in Germany. This is a place where myth and storytelling come alive back from many years ago. It was a blessing to allow my body to move with less pain than usual. I allowed myself to take each step, curious about what picture of a divine angel or mythical creation would be posted in signs in front of me. I could feel the myths surround me. I could hear the stories that have been told in the forest, about this forest. Even though I can’t read German I was able to let this energy in and ask the angels, God and universe for support and healing. I rested near a tree and let the earth and trees surround my breath with healing energy and vitality. I asked God for a sign that healing was actually happening. About 3 minutes later a puppy comes wandering with its owner into my arms. Those who know me know that I want a puppy to use with those I work with, and I have made the commitment to myself that I will get one once I have the energy and am better. Yes, it was a puppy! I saw that as a divine symbol of healing and love.

Today I am grateful that my legs carried me for a walk, for the transportation I took to the city I treated in, for all of the gifts I take forfgranted that are so easily accessible in the US, such as many green foods, the ability to drive pretty much anywhere I want, and the ability to have so much knowledge at my finger tips. I am grateful for those who continue to support me. I am grateful for my body and its capacity to heal. I am sending much love and energy. You were in my thoughts and spirit while traveling through the forest.


Lindsey Wert

March’s self-love writing prompt is the Body Path. You can share your self-love journey with the Love Warrior Community by submitting your self-love posts to be published here on Self-Love Warrior, or you can share them on the Self-Love Diet Facebook page.

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