Loving My Body

Dear LW Community,

Today I focus on the 7 paths Michelle Minero talks about in her book. My main focus is listening to my body and its wisdom. Today I allowed myself to sleep 15 hours as the flight to Germany for treatment has taken a toll on my body, as well as the treatment itself. My ego mind told me to get up, go around, explore and push. I am then brought back to reality that I am here to heal and rest. As much as I would like hiking 5-10 miles as part of my self-love, I know that it is not part of my self-care with being sick. This is difficult for me as I love exercise and doing. My self-love journey here encompasses resting and going to the doctors for treatment. It was funny and not so funny that one of my goals was to study for my last MFT exam and I can’t because the website is not allowed in Germany. Now if that’s not the universe telling me to slow down and rest I don’t know what is.

I am learning that things happen for a reason, that I allow good and bad into my life and that there are so many lessons to learn from being without technology and without phones all the time. Self-love is having me be by technology less as wireless and these waves increase sickness and are not good for our health. I am learning how to be more with myself in the stillness of aloneness physically. This is a trial for me and a gift. I am taking this in knowing that at the same time I am supported. We truly are blessed in America–I would never think it would take hours to get somewhere in America that would take 30 minutes–we truly are blessed there in many ways and I express my gratitude for this. I thank those who have truly been my supporters. Self-love is now dictating me to sleep more as it is past 10pm German time.

Love and light,


March’s self-love writing prompt is the Body Path. You can share your self-love journey with the Love Warrior Community by submitting your self-love posts to be published here on Self-Love Warrior, or you can share them on the Self-Love Diet Facebook page.

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1 Response to Loving My Body

  1. Funny how the universe works! It does sound like divine intervention to not be able to get on the site so you have to rest!!

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