March Self-Love Diet Writing Prompt: The Body Path

What the f*%k is the body path? A lovely question, let me tell you. 🙂

There’s this book about self-love, self-acceptance and body acceptance. It’s called Self-Love Diet: The Only Diet That Works. Michelle Minero, MFT wrote it. She’s my mom, and we co-founded this online community together. There’s a lot of great info in the book, one of the main parts is the 7 paths of the Self-Love Diet. (Diet is redefined as things regularly offered, in this case, a diet of regularly offering yourself love.) The 7 paths of the Self-Love Diet reflect different areas in your life where you can focus on fostering self-love and creating a more whole and fulfilled you.

The 7 paths are: Spiritual, Body, Mind and Emotions, Relationship, Cultural and World.

For March’s self-love writing prompt, we’re going to focus on the Body Path, which means we’re going to focus on our relationship with our body and fostering a loving relationship with our body.

Take a moment now, and notice your breath. As you inhale, can you feel the air in the back of your throat? Do you feel your chest rising? Do you notice a slight change of temperature as the air flows in and out of your nostrils?

You breathe every moment of every day and night while doing a wide variety of actions, thinking thousands of thoughts and experiencing a multitude of emotions. You continue to breathe when you are sleeping without needing to tell your lungs to expand or contract. Breathing is one example of the miracle of your body.

In our present culture, the body is viewed as an ornament, something to be decorated, and through this, many of us get caught in the trap of attaching our worth to our body, as well as talking negatively about our body. For one, our value does not lie in our body. Two, our body is a gift. It’s not meant to be an ornament, but an instrument. It allows us to act out our passions in this world.

What does your body do for you? Our heart beats, our lungs expand and contract. Our body is working every second, taking care of us and giving us life. What does our body allow us to do? Walk, dance, hold our kids, our nieces and nephews, our grandchildren, our siblings, our parents, our lovers. We paint, we talk, we listen, we see the vivid color change of the leaves during fall and feel the rain drops splash against our skin. Our body is an instrument.

Throughout this month, think of your body as an instrument. What does your body do for you, and what does your body allow you to do?

You can submit your self-love posts to be published here on Self-Love Warrior, or you can share them on the Self-Love Diet Facebook page.


– Emelina Minero

Emelina Minero

Emelina Minero uses her passion for writing, editing, social media and offline and online community building to feed her other passions. She’s the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Human Experience, a queer publication that’s inclusive to everyone, queer or not. She’s the Co-Founder of the Love Warrior Community, an online community that fosters self-love and acceptance. She’s the Founder of Community Bucket List, an online community that helps people take action on their passions through action-oriented bucket lists, and she’s the Social Media Chair for nonprofit Eating Disorder Recovery Support, Inc. Emelina also writes for various queer publications, and is a contributing writer for Curve Magazine, the best-selling lesbian magazine in the U.S.

About emelinaminero

I'm passionate about people, community, self-love and the diversity in the human experience.
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