Loving the Tiger Inside

Today I love my fierceness! And that I have managed to temper it with some rule-abiding so that it’s a creative power rather than a destructive one. I remember, when I was a kid, (maybe about six?) we were going around the room at school, saying our names and then the name of an animal that started with the same letter. When it got to me, and I said, “Tessa!” I remember the teacher said, “Turtle.” And I said quite fiercely, “TIGERRRR!!!” with a grin and a leap! I don’t know whether that really was her favorite “t” letter animal, or whether she was hoping it would calm me down. But, given the choice, based on the rules of the game at the time, I have managed to keep that fierceness to pick the more active option in so many ways. It’s not an always thing, but it’s becoming more and more of a habit. 🙂 Rarrrrrr!

– Tessa Thornberry

This self-love post was submitted for the 31-Day Self-Love Writing Challenge. Even though January is over, you can continue to write from the prompts if they inspire you. February’s self-love writing prompt is Be Your Own Valentine. Join our February Self-Love Writing Challenge Facebook event to continue sharing your self-love journey in a safe community.

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