End of the Rainbow

This may seem a bit nerdy… oh well, I’m trying to help myself with a wee bit of poetry.

I feel so sad
When I feel that the color purple is bad

It was always my favorite color- you see-
Until it made a fool of thee

Now I feel as if there is no royal “WE”
I feel as if I am a cat stuck up in a tree

And to add to it all- If it doesn’t rain soon we will cease to be
I saved my tears in a perfume bottle- you see

For Love and Hope to rule eternally- Gods and goddesses please hear me…

I now realize my life would be different if I loved myself completely

– Becca M.

This self-love post was submitted for the 31-Day Self-Love Writing Challenge. Even though January is over, you can continue to write from the prompts if they inspire you. February’s self-love writing prompt is Be Your Own Valentine. Join our February Self-Love Writing Challenge Facebook event to continue sharing your self-love journey in a safe community.

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One Response to End of the Rainbow

  1. Thanks for the poetry! I’m so pleased you shared it with us. There are as many ways to express self-love as there are people.

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