Feeling My Way Along…

Today, I love my sense of touch! I was running my fingers through the clothes in my closet in the dark, because my honey sleeps in later than I do, and found my warm sweater just by identifying it by touch! I thought, “How cool and almost magical is that?” Quite often, I take for granted that this machine that is my body and brain functions so well – I’ll put my hand into my purse and come up with chapstick, just by feel.

What also gives me joy (and sometimes pain) is my touch-memory. Looking at tree-trunks and leaves, dirt and clothing, watching two people hold hands or kids jumping on a trampoline, I can remember what those things feel like, in my fingertips, against my cheek, in the muscles and joints of my body. It’s like I have this whole hidden encyclopedia just waiting to be accessed, built up over my lifetime. I use it sometimes, in my paintings, for an expressive pose, or for a texture. I love that it’s a part of me…something I never asked for but am nonetheless amazed and grateful for.

– Tessa Thornberry

This self-love post was submitted for the 31-Day Self-Love Writing Challenge. Even though January is over, you can continue to write from the prompts if they inspire you. February’s self-love writing prompt is Be Your Own Valentine. Join our February Self-Love Writing Challenge Facebook event to continue sharing your self-love journey in a safe community.

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