Things to Do

I want to love with the expectation of nothing in return. I want to love unconditionally. In order to do that I must first love myself.

I want to free myself of things that are bad for my health. Food, people, lack of sleep, worry, hurry, and anything or anyone who pulls me down.

I want to explore my town, get more involved with my community groups, pray more, hike at the local park, learn to cook a full dinner that isn’t mashed potatoes. I want to spend more time with my horse, teach my dog a new trick. I want to make a trip to DC to walk around and enjoy the city. I want to volunteer more. I want to further my education. I want to work on me.

I am brilliant at loving others, imperfections and all. I want to learn to love myself, imperfections and all. I want to set feasible goals that involve living, loving, and laughing in the place that I am living for at least the next nine months.

I can admit who I am and what I have done. . . now I’m just working on loving myself for who I have become.

– Kay

This self-love post was submitted for the 31-Day Self-Love Writing Challenge. Even though January is over, you can continue to write from the prompts if they inspire you. February’s self-love writing prompt is Be Your Own Valentine. Join our February Self-Love Writing Challenge Facebook event to continue sharing your self-love journey in a safe community.

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3 Responses to Things to Do

  1. I love your words, “I can admit who I am and what I have done. . . now I’m just working on loving myself for who I have become.” Blessings to you on your Self-Love Diet Journey.

  2. I have decided that for the month of February that I am going to write a poem a day. If anyone has any ideas for topics, let me know. Most of my work is done impromptu, basically whatever is on my mind at the time turns into a work of art. Now and then however, I get challenged to write about something specific, sometimes because someone in my life isn’t much of a writer and they want me to put into words how they feel and sometimes I am challenged by someone because they want to see what I have to say about a certain subject. Well, I am throwing this out there to all of you reading this, first…if you have something you’d like to see me write about, tell me! Second, if you’d be up to doing this yourself, let me know! I would love to see what you come up with!

    • This is a GREAT idea Paula! Unfortunately I just found your comment in the spam, and approved it. Have you been writing poetry? I can share your comment on the Self-Love Diet FB page and see if others have ideas to contribute or want to join you. 🙂

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