The Last Day? Or the Beginning?


Today is January 31st, the last day of January. If you took the 31 day Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge this could be the last day of your focus on Self-Love and your writing commitment.

If this is the case, then this challenge would be just like any other New Years Resolution. But here’s the invitation. Today can be the beginning of an ongoing commitment to Self-Love. You can choose to continue your commitment to love yourself with more consciousness and compassion.

I have chosen a little used definition of “diet” which defines the word diet to mean: “Things regularly offered.”  So, are you going to have this be your last day of focusing on Self-Love, or will you commit to regularly offering yourself more love for the rest of your life?

If loving yourself for the rest of your life seems like too big of a commitment, how about extending your challenge for the month of February? You could commit to continue to have the intention of writing daily, or like me, you may want to commit to write once a week and add more if you want to.

I want to thank all of you for joining me and my daughter, Emelina on this 31 Day Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge. It will take more time to declare the winners of the Self-Love Challenge due to the large number of people who joined in. Our current estimation is over 500 Self-Love Posts!

Whether or not you commit to continue your relationships with the others on the Facebook event page, or submit your posts on the self-love warrior blog, you have made a difference in your life this month of January, and you have impacted others positively.

Together we have created a culture of Self-Love. You have joined a group, and created a tribe of people who support one another in loving themselves more. How awesome is that?

We have experienced a bit of heaven on earth. When people complain that we live in a toxic culture and there’s nothing we can do about the airbrushing that happens to the models in magazines, or to the misogynistic music videos, we can know that we can do something about it, and that we have done something about it.

We have created a sacred space where people of like minds and vision have come together to change the only thing they can, themselves. By focusing on Self-Love and supporting others to do the same we are creating our own culture, one that values our inner qualities, one that applauds us when we speak positively about ourselves.

I invite you to join me and the others who have committed to continue their odyssey of Self-Love this month of February.

We have extended the dates of our Facebook 31 Day Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge Event so you can continue to post at this site for the rest of this month.

Thank you for joining us for this challenge and starting this 2014 with so much love and compassion.

Blessings on your continued Self-Love Diet Journey,


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