Today Was a Good Day

The little boy skid down the concrete pavement, green bike went sliding down the cul-de-sac, and the tears started flowing. It was easily the hundredth time I had witnessed the scene. The two brown headed boys were trying so hard to learn how to ride their new bikes. The older boy was bouncing around on his neon green bike, jumping bumps in the concrete and doing 360′s, while the younger one flailed about looking longingly at the training wheels strung out on the sidewalk.

As I got out of my car after a wonderful trip to the barn I debated what to do. Should I walk over and offer my assistance to the little boy or go into my house, get on my computer or organize my house. I had no obligation to the boys, I really might not even be welcome. As I stepped out of my car a million memories flooded my mind. A pink bike, streamers, my dad, our big yard, the oak tree, the first time I flew down the concrete drive on my own.

I walked over to the little boys, the older one offering the younger one some words of advice and balancing help. My new found “Townie” friends were watching over the youngsters at the end of the quiet road. Next thing I knew hours had passed, the sun was beating down on us in the unusually warm January day. The little brown headed child was getting so much closer to achieving his goal of riding the two wheeled bike.

We moved from the bikes to the BB gun and the paintball slingshot. Giggles were shared by all as we aimed for targets down in the woods, passing pizza cars, and the neighbors who left their drives. The targets changed as we started slamming paint balls into each other and unspokenly broke into teams. We hid behind cars, raced across the front yards, and used the front doors of our houses as blockades. The aftermath was bruises, orange paint, and bumps on everyone.

As the sun fell behind the tree line I glanced at the group of people I have come to love over the past few months. The little brown headed boys I hadn’t really ever had the opportunity to spend time with, the new friends I’ve made, and the friends I’ve had from the beginning. We all came together on our day off and had a brilliant time.

It’s incredible to me how much fun you can have if you take a moment to evaluate your options. If you love yourself enough to give into the unknown, do what you normally might not, or offer a helping hand to a little brown headed boy. Self Love tip of the day, take a moment and evaluate your situation. You can have an amazing time if you let yourself.

– Kay

31-Day Self-Love Writing Challenge

January is Self-Love month, and it marks the 4th year that we’ve hosted the 31-Day Self-Love Writing Challenge. You can participate by submitting your self-love writing to be published on this blog. You can submit your writing here. You can also participate by writing your self-love posts on your own blog and linking back to the 31-Day Self-Love Writing Challenge, 2014 blog post and Facebook event. If you don’t start on January 1st, that’s fine! You can jump into the challenge whenever you want.

Win a Copy of Self-Love Diet: The Only Diet That Works

Each blog post you write is one entry into our random drawing to win an autographed copy of my book, Self-Love Diet: The Only Diet That Works. You’ll also be entered into our drawing to win our upcoming Self-Love e-products that we’ll be announcing soon.

If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your self-love writing, you can write in a journal or write yourself self-love emails. If writing isn’t for you, simply reading others’ self-love writing can be powerful and beneficial to you on your self-love journey.

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