Self-Love Diet Tip #25: Reexamine Your Thoughts

I had a great day yesterday, and from yesterday and today comes today’s self-love diet tip, Reexamine Your Thoughts. 

When I’m irritable, unmotivated, in low energy, pessimistic and self-critical I’ll notice that my thoughts are building that environment and shaping my mood. When I pay attention to my thoughts, I’ll see patterns. I’ll realize that I’m telling myself the same thing over and over again, or I’m saying the same thing again and again, but in different ways. When I catch this, I realize that I’m building negativity.

Yesterday, I took my time with everything I did, and I enjoyed everything I did. Instead of thinking of to-do lists or my expectations for myself or what others ask of me, I thought of what I wanted to do in the moment, and I did it without letting my mind roam on the next 5 things I wanted to be doing.

I took my time with each action. I began my day with exercise, and instead of feeling restless or rushed with it, I took my time with it. It was relaxing, energizing and fun. I noticed my mood was lifting and lifting as I was exercising because I let myself be in the moment and I wasn’t worrying about what I should be doing next.

After I exercised, I cleaned the house, showered and then drove to my sister’s new house and watched my nieces. While I was getting ready to head over to my sister’s house a couple thoughts flew in my mind that I should be doing work, but I put them aside and I enjoyed the time that I had with my nieces.

When I got home, I did some work, and I really enjoyed it. I usually have a to-do list open on one tab in my browser of everything I want to get done in about the next two months, so my mind swirls with just about the entire to-do list while I’m working on one task, but when I got home, I just let myself relax and enjoy each thing that I was doing, and I didn’t rush what I was doing and I took my time with it. When I’m not rushing, there is a huge difference in the level of enjoyment that I feel.

By about 7pm, I didn’t get a lot on the list done, but I turned my computer off, relaxed and then went to bed early. Yesterday was a super slow-paced and chill day. I didn’t rush. I let myself enjoy the moment, and I didn’t feed the thought patterns that have made home in my mind recently about not doing enough or being behind. Without those thoughts attacking my mind, I was able to relax and just be.

Earlier this week, I agreed to watch my nieces from 9:30am to 2:30pm today while my sister and brother-in-law move all of their stuff into their new house. Yesterday, I went to sleep feeling balanced. This morning, I woke up with that same balance and I was eager to jump into work. My critical thoughts assaulted me. I’m in a balanced and focused pace to get a lot done, but I’m going to be with my nieces for 5 hours. There’s a lot I want to do, but my nieces will be over in 2 hours. I won’t have enough time to get what I want done. I started to repeat thoughts like these over and over again and I was getting irritable, but I caught them, over and over again, and I noticed how they were making me feel.

Instead of continuing to feed those thoughts, I thought about what I could do to make me feel the most balanced in the two hours before my nieces came over. I exercised, showered, made myself breakfast and finished reading a book. I didn’t do any computer work. I felt good.

Instead of criticizing myself for not working when I felt I could have been in a great work flow, I told myself that I was going to be able to enjoy my time with my nieces, and my cousins when they came over to help, and with my sister Kristina when she came over to help. Instead of fostering negative thoughts of what I wouldn’t be able to do, I fostered positive thoughts of what I would be able to experience, great connections and moments with my family and my two little nieces.

Sometimes I’ll notice my negative thought patterns, but I don’t fully become aware of them. I’ll be doing self-love work with my negative thoughts ruminating in the background, and I let them continue, but when I really take that extra step to truly become aware of my negative thoughts and put in the action to stop them and replace them, it makes all the difference.

It can turn a crappy day into an amazing day.

Today, I’m writing about the 25th Self-Love Diet tip, and my mom and I have written a few different posts revolving around noticing your thoughts.

I constantly realize that I can become more aware of my thoughts. I’ll be actively working on my self-love practice, and then realize that I was fueling different negative thought patterns for the past few days, the past week, the past month, and once I really become aware of it, I then have the power to change it.

I’ve been putting more effort into my self-love practice since the beginning of this month, and yesterday it just hit me that I haven’t been cultivating the best thoughts, even though I was trying, and even though I thought I was, and that’s okay. All of the self-love work I have been doing has helped me to see that, and now I can continue to do my self-love work, and I can continue to benefit from it.

To highlight the importance and power of being able to notice and change your thoughts, I have links to a few posts my mom, Michelle, wrote about the 5-step process, which is about catching and changing your thoughts.

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Self-Love Diet Tip #4: Confront Your Thoughts

Self-Love Diet Tip #5: Replace Your Thoughts

Self Love Diet Tip #6: Apologize to Yourself

Cheers, 🙂

– Emelina Minero

31-Day Self-Love Writing Challenge

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  1. scared the crap out of me. It didn’t take long though before I realized that my avoidance was getting me nowhere and if I really wanted to succeed in freelance writing, I had to not only face my fears, I had to embrace them.

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