Who’s problem is it anyway?

There have been times in my life where I’ve felt put down and attacked, belittled and the target of another person’s passive aggression, at those times I have to ask myself, what’s going on? Why do I feel as though I’m under attack? I reflect on possible motives, reasons or maybe even simmering tensions that may have otherwise gone w/o notice, I beat myself up for days trying to figure it out and in the end… I know nothing more than I knew when I began.

Today I’m taking a different approach, an approach which reflects my goal of increasing my positivity and self love in my life. Today, I’m just going to have to say what I’ve always known…

I’M A STANDOUT AND I DON’T FEEL BAD ABOUT IT! I get shit done, I do it right & I don’t have to be asked, I act with confidence & competence, I’M STRONG and compassionate at the same time. I excel at anything I put my mind to because I give it my all, I don’t make excuses or let apathy overrun my actions and I do it come hell or high water, no matter how tough it gets… I STICK with it.

And most assuredly, I am not the only one who knows these things about myself & this is where I run into trouble. I run into trouble when others experience my success as their failures as if it were a competition. It becomes a problem when they respond with indifference and passive aggressive efforts to “bring me back down to their level” as if that will somehow make things better.

All that being said, I’m choosing not to fall into the trap, I’m choosing today to take care of me, Be proud of where I am and how well I’m doing despite any efforts to derail my growth. Instead I chose to offer acceptance and support to those who chose to act in such ways & by doing so I’m saying I have enough love for both of us. Most importantly, by not allowing someone else’s actions to negatively impact my day I’m nurturing my self through an otherwise distressing process.

– Kadi


31-Day Self-Love Writing Challenge

January is Self-Love month, and it marks the 4th year that we’ve hosted the 31-Day Self-Love Writing Challenge. You can participate by submitting your self-love writing to be published on this blog. You can submit your writing here. You can also participate by writing your self-love posts on your own blog and linking back to the 31-Day Self-Love Writing Challenge, 2014 blog post and Facebook event. If you don’t start on January 1st, that’s fine! You can jump into the challenge whenever you want.

Win a Copy of Self-Love Diet: The Only Diet That Works

Each blog post you write is one entry into our random drawing to win an autographed copy of my book, Self-Love Diet: The Only Diet That Works. You’ll also be entered into our drawing to win our upcoming Self-Love e-products that we’ll be announcing soon.

If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your self-love writing, you can write in a journal or write yourself self-love emails. If writing isn’t for you, simply reading others’ self-love writing can be powerful and beneficial to you on your self-love journey.

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