Racing into the New Year


This morning when I awoke, still happily on vacation and very well-rested, I asked myself what my goals for the day were. It did not take long for me to remember that there was a New Year 3.5 miles race in Albany that I had wanted to run this year.  I got myself up, and bypassed all the Christmas cookies and goodies so that I could fuel myself right for running.  While my fiance finished off the last of the cranberry orange Christmas cake, I cherished every bite of my roasted chestnuts, blackberries, homemade bread and clementine, knowing that they would fuel me right for the race and the day.

I arrived at the race with butterflies, not cookies, in my belly.  I ran hard with my favorite pink running shoes on my feet and I felt fantastic. I could not have asked my legs to do a better job. My lungs were frosted but kept breathing hard for me.  My nose felt like a big icicle on my face, but my insides were smiling. I love running fast!

Towards the finish, a young girl in her early teens knocked me out of third place into 4th for the women, and although I wanted to kick myself for it, I did the best that I could do and her passing me would not change my finish time.  I placed in my age group and won a loaf of bread! My body carried me faster than 7 minute mile pace because I treat it right, so I hope looking back on this will remind me to continue to treat my body right.

– Bobbie

Editor’s Note from Michelle and Emelina Minero: There’s a difference between choosing food that will help you meet your physical goals for the day (like running in a race) and feeling like you can’t have certain foods. Bobbie’s choices that morning were influenced by her desire for more energy during her race later in the day. Bobbie also enjoys eating cookies, and doesn’t label cookies as a “bad food” and chestnuts, blackberries, homemade bread and a clementine as “good foods,” but instead she takes pleasure in all foods and chooses which one is the most loving for her in the moment, like the cup of hot chocolate she had at the finish line.

31-Day Self-Love Writing Challenge

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One Response to Racing into the New Year

  1. Bobbie,
    Thanks for sharing how well you care for your body. It’s fun to hear how the joy of running has not lessened since I first met you at Randolph Macon Women’s College long distance running class so many years ago. 🙂

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