It’s the little things

0This month of October I’m focusing on relationships, the one I have with myself and the one I have with others.

I had a moment the other morning where it became crystal clear that it’s the little things we do and that are done for us that make all the difference.

If we are not careful we can miss the love that is all around us and in us. I’m doing my best to keep my eyes open.

Yesterday my husband brought my morning drink to me as he often does before I get out of bed. This drink is  a healthy alternative to coffee. He blends fresh strawberries or frozen blue berries, or what ever fruit we have in the refrigerator along with the amino acid/caffeine supplement powder.

I heard the blender going, knowing I had a few more moments of semi-sleep left. He walked into our room, turned on my side lamp and placed the drink next to me while he went into our bathroom to take his shower.

I sat up in bed, took a sip of the refreshing drink, and put it back down on my side table. I positioned the pillows behind my back in order to sit up comfortably to finish my drink. As I turned to grab my drink, I noticed the beautiful pink color of the drink in contrast to the yellow plastic cup, and I stopped. I looked at it and realized I was looking at love. I grabbed my phone and took a photo of it.

This is one of many ways my husband shows me that he loves me. It’s the small everyday things we do for ourselves or others that matter.

When I put his dosage of supplements on the kitchen table, or bring the morning drink to him, I’m letting him know that he matters. When he hangs my dry towel on the shower door so I can reach it easily when I get out of the shower, it says he’s thinking of me.

One way I show myself that I love myself is when I linger in bed before getting up to count my blessings. It doesn’t take much time, but it is such a gift. By doing this I’m reminding myself of the richness and blessings in my life. I know this simple practice helps me to have a good day. Counting my blessings until I can actually feel the gratitude, joy and love is a gift that I give myself because it reminds me of what is really important. For me it’s my relationships, my loved ones. I don’t ever want everyday stressors to get in the way of remembering how lucky I am.

What are those little everyday things  you can do for yourself? What “little thing” can you do for someone you love?

I invite you to submit your posts here. I look forward to hearing from you.

Blessings on your Self-Love Diet,

Michelle Minero

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