Go with the Flow

My self love post is this: to do something out of your daily routine… I went on an amazing day trip Friday with no agenda, which is quite different for me. What a lovely day!!! It was full of surprises and joy…..nice car ride with cousins and great hike with beautiful views! It reminded me of how much I love and need nature. I also realized I need to stop trying to control and go with the flow! Love life!!

By Nannette Magnani

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2 Responses to Go with the Flow

  1. Thanks Nannette for sharing that wonderful day with all of us at the Love Warrior Community. Nature is one of the most powerful Self-Love Diet tools for me as well. It fills me up and renews my spirit. I’m so glad you’re my cousin and shared that special day with me. You are now officially entered into the June contest!
    Love you!

    • Jennifer says:

      Such a wonderful thing to do. Thanks for the reminder. It is nice to be spontaneous and “go with the flow.”

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