Eyes Wide Open

In choosing an item to surrender from my buffet of self-criticisms I have gone with the one I thought least likely to start with: my body. Most people do not know I suffered from bulimia years ago and got myself to cut that cycle cold turkey about 15 years ago. However, what I am discovering now in having to heal from some recent trauma is my self-loathing is deep and dark and long-lasting.

Just because I am even writing this does not mean it is simple or common. It’s a deep spiral that orbits down into the essence of me. Now that I know it’s there to the degree that it is – I can take action to unravel it. SO I begin this month with giving up any way that I thought my body should be or isn’t or anything about it at all that burdens me in anyway. All the loathing of myself has led me to an unfulfilled athletic career and an injury of a spinal disk and a life of settling for less than I am capable of. Yeah that sounds big and it is. The story is long and turbulent. The bottom line is instead of having freedom to live I became trapped in a cycle of broken dreams and emptiness of heart.

For now I am putting into action the following: exercise this month is all about bliss and endorphins! Movement for the pure energy and happy effects is causes, nothing painful and nothing that does not make me smile during and after. I am taking my new hobby of Hula Hooping to the next level – learning new moves and doing it outside somewhere near the beach. I am also going to use self-massage techniques several times a week to undo some of the damage I caused over the years. Whew!

– Rochelle


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4 Responses to Eyes Wide Open

  1. Thank You Rochelle for sharing your intentions of giving up any judgements about how your body should or shouldn’t be. I’m glad you’ve taken up the challenge for this month of June to fire your inner judge! Thank you also for sharing your plan of making movement fun and committing to exercise only if it makes you smile during and after. That is great criteria! You are officially in the running to win the $25 Amazon gift card for being a new Self-love Warrior contributor!

  2. Rochelle says:

    Hello! I thought I’d check in and let you know how I am doing. We are almost done with June. This challenge – was just that. A nice challenge! I pushed myself past any temptation to not do something because I did not look right or look like the “me” from my past and while I was so uncomfortable…. that discomfort did not last long. I was rewarded with some really cool happenings. For 3 weeks in a row I spoke with strangers on the beach, at the bay and even on the boardwalk. One person from the evening beach visit was a photographer! I let her take my picture. Anyone who knows me knows that I avoid a camera as if it was a monster after me. I could not stop smiling as she snapped 2 pics and we chatted about what she was doing there that night. Last night I met a family of 3 who were also seeking the super-moon. Had they not shown up I would have missed it. We all thought the moon was hiding behind some clouds – so we all tried to blow the clouds away – that was funny!

    I am so grateful I found this blog/website. This is truly a new beginning for me. One I never thought I’d be open enough to explore.

    Warmest Thanks

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