Spring Collection of Self-Love Activities: What would love do?

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I recently watched the movie, The Devil Wears Prada. The character, Miranda Priestly, played pitch perfect by Meryl Streep, is seeking ideas for the theme of the spring fashion collection for the fictional Runway fashion magazine. One of her employees suggests a floral theme. Miranda’s sarcastic response is, “Floral, how innovative.”

As I was contemplating what prompt to suggest for the month of April, the idea of spring and new beginnings came to mind. This idea is not innovative. It’s certainly not new. It is however, cyclical, ever present and I believe a great prompt for our Self-Love Diet blog.

Spring is symbolic of new growth, potential and life. We get reminded of our unlimited potential each spring. Easter Sunday for many people is symbolic of resurrection. We get to die to the old and birth our new, divinely created selves.

In the movie, The Devil Wears Prada, the main character, Andy Sachs, played by Anne Hathaway, gets side tracked from her authentic self. The lure of the fashion industry slowly and subtly erodes her long held values. Andy’s refrain throughout the movie when confronted by her choices is, “I didn’t have a choice.” At the end of the movie she “wakes from the trance” of this glamorous world and is reborn. She comes back in contact with her divinely authentic self and chooses a newspaper job that feeds her soul.
The power in the Self-Love Diet does not come from seeking innovation as Miranda Priestly would want.  It comes from a committed focused practice of regularly offering yourself love. This translates into repeatedly doing the same thing every day, every moment of every day and night.

The power in the Self-Love Diet comes from realizing, like Andy Sachs did, that you do have a choice. You can choose love. You can choose to discover who you are separate from your body.

The actions I encourage you to take each day are loving actions. The question, what would love do? will be your guide.  For those of you in recovery from eating disorders and/or trauma, this focus is imperative. For those of you who are mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy, focusing on increasing self-love is life enhancing.

I believe we all can benefit from the Self-Love Diet.

The prompt for the month of April is: Share how your actions were guided by asking the question. What would love do?

I look forward to reading about your experiences on the Self-Love Diet.

Blessings on your journey,

Michelle Minero

Self-Love Diet Front CoverMichelle Minero, the Co-Founder of this blog and the overarching Love Warrior Community published her book, Self-Love Diet: The Only Diet That Works. You can buy her book online or at the Petaluma Copperfield’s bookstore. For upcoming events and book signings, starting April 13th, visit Michelle’s Events page.

Michelle Minero, MFT 3Michelle Minero is a licensed marriage family therapist who specializes in eating disorder recovery. Michelle’s book, Self-Love Diet: The Only Diet That Works, was published on January 23, 2013. You can purchase a copy through Amazon. Her dream is to see a world filled with people who love themselves and their bodies.

Michelle created an intensive outpatient eating disorder program in 2000, brought ANAD (Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, Inc.) to Petaluma shortly after and founded EDRS (Eating Disorder Recovery Support, Inc.), a Marin and Sonoma County based 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 2005.

In 2011, Michelle co-founded the Love Warrior Community with her daughter, Emelina, an online community that helps people cultivate self-love, self-acceptance and body acceptance through creative expression. Connect with Michelle on Facebook and Twitter.

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1 Response to Spring Collection of Self-Love Activities: What would love do?

  1. Impower You says:

    What would love do? Love will change my mind.
    I used to think I was ugly, useless, and unlovable. It didn’t matter that other people called me beautiful, told me I was capable, and loved me unconditionally. I didn’t believe them so it couldn’t be true. It was so “obvious” to me that they were just being nice or felt sorry for me.

    Two years I chose to change my world and grow towards my true self that. After a year of this new thinking and conscious choice it became easy to accept my flaws as an okay part of me. Earlier this year I heard a woman speak about how she loved her whole self, even her flaws.

    Even though it seems almost insignificantly small, changing my thinking from accepting my flaws to LOVING them has made me feel even better. Since I am already on this path to honestly live, it has been much easier than I imagined. It’s not just physical flaws, but emotional scars, mistakes, and regrets. I will never be “perfect”, but each bad choice is a lesson that makes me wiser. Wiser is an idea I can have faith in. Perfect is not. I can feel my interactions with others improving. When conflict arises I think about how I want to react and what affect it will have on the other person. Asking what love would do is like asking yourself how you want to be treated and you want others to be treated. I apologize if this is too long.

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