Stop comparing
Hello everyone,

I’ve made a personal goal to post in the LWC at least once a month; trying to do nice things for myself more often.

I was inspired to write today because of an incident yesterday in the woman’s bathroom at my school.

I noticed the girl washing her hands next to me was really pretty. I then looked at myself in the mirror and those terrible comparing thoughts crept into my mind.

“I wish my hair was like hers”

“What if I had pretty eyes like hers”

I stopped after wondering if she saw that she was pretty and I realized how often people compare their “pretty-ness” to others.

I wondered if she compared herself to someone and didn’t see herself the way I did.

Why wasn’t I asking myself that question?

I have to accept that I’m not pretty like her…I’m pretty like me 🙂

Everyone is attractive in their own ways, but I feel we too often wish we had others “pretty-ness” rather than truly loving things about ourselves.

And not just in looks.

Sometimes I wish I was smart like another person, but I’m not that person (plus I can always learn if I’m that interested:0)).

Besides not dwelling on what I don’t have, I’ve made some good food this week. Vegetable dishes. I felt good about this because my diet has been good in taste but terrible in health.
It’s difficult when my family doesn’t want/buy healthier choices.

I also caught up on some quizzes I needed to make up due to missing two days at school.

I’ve been down a lot lately, but things seem to be looking up, and I encourage myself & others to see the more positive things in life rather than skim over them to dwell on the negative.

I’ve been enjoying everybody’s posts, they bring me smiles and hope. I really liked the Rant post because it reminds me of how much I rant to help myself figure things out. It feels nice.

Have a wonderful week/weekend.

Happier me (:

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