My Self-Love Radical Activist Practice


This past weekend was the Eating Disorder Recovery Support, Inc. (EDRS) Conference.

During my mom’s presentation, Self-Love: A Radical Activist Practice, I committed to 3 self-love actions.

I am going to practice Reiki 2 to 3 times a week for at least 10 minutes. I’m going to contact a Reiki master and schedule a meeting to start my training in Reiki before the end of March. I’m going to write 3 to 4 self-love posts a week, and I’m going to allow myself to finish my posts within 10 minutes.

Lindsey Wert was my partner for the self-love exercise we did during my mom’s presentation and she signed my self-love actions as my witness. On March 9th we are going to check-in with each other about how we’re both doing with the self-love actions that we committed to. 🙂

I’m excited! I’m excited to have a check-in buddy, and I’m excited to take my consciousness of my self-love practice to the next level. Writing about self-love on this group blog definitely helps me to actively think about self-love and the kind of energy and thoughts I’m cultivating and bringing into my life, but writing out 1 or more self-love actions that I’m going to commit to, sharing it with someone, having them sign it and creating a check-in date to follow up with each other on our self-love commitments, that process made me think about my self-love practice with a larger lens.

Instead of thinking about my current state in the present moment, I thought about the kind of energy I wanted to cultivate in my life and in 1 day from now, 10 days from now, a month from now and years from now, the kind of energy that I want to be present with. Instead of thinking about self-love actions for just that day, I thought about self-love actions that I wanted to turn into a self-love practice.

I got a Reiki attunement once in Palm Springs at Crystal Fantasy with Earl Nissen. I didn’t notice anything in particular during the session, but once we finished and I sat down, I felt it. I felt open, energetically, emotionally, in every way. I felt an energy vibrating from me. I felt extraordinarily relaxed and happy and vibrant and connected to everyone around me. I felt amazing.

Since then, I practiced Reiki on myself once and on others a few times. I’m not trained in Reiki. I didn’t follow the protocol that one follows when practicing Reiki, but I remembered some of the things that Earl was doing and I remembered some of what he said, and I was practicing what I remembered on myself for about 10 minutes one evening and when I got up I felt great. I felt similar to how I did after my Reiki attunement in Palm Springs. I felt open and relaxed.

I want to be in that state of mind and being more frequently, open. From that state of openness, I believe it will be easier for me to bring in self-love and easier for me to live my passions.

I want to set up my first appointment to get trained in Reiki because I want to continue doing Reiki, and if I learn how to do it then the attunements I give myself will be more powerful, which will lead me to feeling more open and in a great state of being to cultivate self-love.

Practicing Reiki on myself 2 to 3 times a week for at least ten minutes is most definitely achievable. I don’t want to create a practice for myself that will stress me out or cause me worry, and I know that practicing Reiki for 2 to 3 times a week is doable, and it will feel good.

My third self-love commitment, to write 10-minute self-love posts 3 to 4 times a week, writing helps clear my mind and it helps me to cultivate more focus. I already write self-love posts and recently finishing the Love Warrior Community’s January Self-Love Writing Challenge, I have already gotten into the habit of writing consistently. The past two years I have noticed that I tend to write less consistently once January ends, and I don’t want to do that this year. I notice my energy and attitude become a lot more positive, optimistic and open when I write self-love posts consistently and the practice of writing helps me to become a lot more self-aware; I want to continue that throughout the year.

I have tried to write daily in the past, and I usually didn’t meet that goal. I want to create a goal that I can meet, so I’m committing to 3 to 4 times a week. Also, since I’m an editor and a writer, I can get caught up in the editing of my post or the art of writing and then what was originally freeing and a self-love action quickly becomes tiring, exhausting and draining, which is why I’m putting a 10-minute limit to my self-love posts. The 10 minutes isn’t definitive. If I’m writing a self-love post and my writing is coming out freely, then I’ll let myself continue to write past 10 minutes, but if I start to get into that editor mindset, then I’ll know that it’s time for me to stop.

I’m excited to start thinking about my self-love practice as a conscious long-term practice, instead of single actions.

Here’s a video from my mom’s EDRS presentation, Self-Love: A Radical Activist Practice.

And thank you Lindsey for being my self-love practice check-in partner. 🙂 I’m excited to have you be a part of my self-love journey. 🙂

– Emelina Minero

Self-Love Diet Front CoverMichelle Minero, the Co-Founder of this blog and the overarching Love Warrior Community published her book, Self-Love Diet: The Only Diet That Works. You can buy her book online or at the Petaluma Copperfield’s bookstore. For upcoming events and book signings, starting Feb 7, visit Michelle’s Events page.

EmelinaEmelina Minero writes for Curve Magazine and EDGE Gay Media Network, and is Curve’s Social Media Manager. She’s launching her own progressive LGBTQ publication, The Human Experience. She’s a Connection Connoisseur, Networking Maven and Self-Love Enthusiast. She founded Community Bucket List and co-founded the Love Warrior Community. Find her on Twitter, @CommKr8veWriter.

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3 Responses to My Self-Love Radical Activist Practice

  1. Wish you the best of luck in fulfilling your self love practice this month and keeping it strong throughout the whole year! I committed to picking up my ukulele and playing at least one chord once a day, with the intention of playing multiple chords that will some day be a song 🙂 I’m so happy and grateful that we did this exercise in your Mom’s talk.

    • Thank you. 🙂 I love your self-love commitment. Was that inspired by Jenni Schaefer’s talk? 🙂 I would love to hear you play ukulele.

      I’m grateful for this exercise too. I realized that I never really thought about a self-love practice as a cohesive practice. My self-love practice was a lot of single self-love actions, but I didn’t have any intention to connect those actions into a consistent long-term practice. This exercise helped me view my self-love practice as having a bigger picture and it’s helping me think about how I want to live my life, and how my self-love actions can be small consistent steps that I take to reach that larger self-love goal, which would be to live more openly and to be in a place where I feel empowered and safe to speak and express myself with emotional honesty and vulnerability.

      I’m going to edit my bucket list with that as my number one focus. 🙂 I think if I made myself my number one bucket list goal, instead of large goals I want to accomplish, it would help me to accomplish my other goals from a place of more love and passion.

      If you want a second self-love buddy, I’d love to check-in with you and support you with your ukulele playing or any other self-love commitments. 🙂

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