Trusting Others

Dear Love Warrior Community,

Today I focus on that in which is good. I sent this on trust. I affirm that I am in a safe environment now. I don’t need to protect myself anymore in my relationships with those I love and trust. I can trust my intuition, ability to read other people and my heart. I can trust that those people I bring into my life are not going to leave me because of my mistakes. I too am human and make mistakes. I can trust that my intentions come from the heart and that I never intentionally hurt, annoy or anger anyone on purpose. I can trust that I am a loving, lovable and worthy person who deserves all things good. I can let my light shine without fear of hurting or shadowing anyone else’s light. I can shine like my light and invite others to shine theirs. I invite love, celebration and joy into my being. I am whole and I am one with earth and heaven above.

Congratulations to the Minero family and the publication of their books. How awesome. I send celebratory wishes and love and light. Many blessings!!!


Join us in the 31 Day Self-Love Writing Contest to win an autographed copy of Michelle Minero’s book, Self-Love Diet: The Only Diet That WorksRead through the Self-Love Posting Guidelines for inspiration on different ways you can focus on bringing more love into your life through the 7 paths of the Self-Love Diet. Read through 2012’s monthly Self-Love Writing Prompts for ideas on topics you can write about to help you focus more on loving yourself, and read through others’ self-love posts for inspiration at the bottom of the prompts page. Share your self-love journey with us on Facebook and Twitter.

lindsey-wert-slw-picLindsey Wert is a Marriage and Family Therapist in Sonoma County with special interest in treatment and prevention of eating disorders and sexual trauma. Lindsey’s passions are supporting women in learning how to love themselves from the inside out. Lindsey contributes to her community by giving eating disorder presentations, doing prevention work and supporting the health at every size movement. Visit Lindsey’s personal website, From the Inside Out: Self Love and Transformation

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1 Response to Trusting Others

  1. It’s really a great reflective experience reading everyone’s self-love posts. About a week ago there were a couple of self-love posts focused on taking risks and the different relationships that the word risk can have with someone. It made me think about the risks and lack of risks in my life.

    And reading your self-love posts this past month, I’ve taken little nuggets from each post and I have been applying them to my days and my own self-love practice.

    In your post, “How You Think Changes Everything” you wrote, “I have decided that I am going to live each and every day in gratitude, awareness and in love with myself.” Since I read that I have been focusing more on what I’m grateful for, and I’ve been making a habit of making smiling my first action each morning, which is especially helpful when I’m extraordinarily tired and want to sleep more. I lie in bed, smile and begin to sing, partially so I don’t fall back asleep, but also to start my morning with positive thoughts and energy.

    I’ve also been envisioning how my life would be and how I would act and think if I acted from a place of self-love 100% of the time. How would my life be different if every day and in every moment I was in love with myself? It has been a very cool experience to visualize myself embodying unconditional and unfiltered self-love, and those visualizations have definitely been impacting my decisions lately.

    In one of your self-love posts you talked about the opportunity that arises in each moment for us to make a new decision, and I’ve taken that to heart. When I become aware of a thought, attitude or action that doesn’t make me feel good, I remind myself that each moment and each second is a new opportunity for me to make a new decision that will take me in the direction and energy that I want to embody. There’s no need for me to succumb to the victim mindset because each second is a new opportunity for me to empower myself and to take lead of the life that I want. I don’t have to wait 5 minutes, 3 days or 10 years to embody the energy that I want to embody or to be the person that I want to be. I can choose to live my life exactly as I want to right now, in this very moment. And each moment I get sidetracked or start acting from a place that doesn’t align with me, all I need is a moment, and in that moment I can choose to bring myself back to myself.

    So thank you for sharing pieces of your self-love journey with the Love Warrior Community. They’ve definitely been inspiring the introspection into my own self-love journey. 🙂

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