I am Beautiful

The Human Experience (T.H.E.), a queer/ally publication, is collaborating with the Love Warrior Community and participating in our Self-Love Writing Challenge!

Check out the self-love post, I am Beautiful, by one of the founding members of T.H.E., Lauren Leiggi. “I am Beautiful” is published on Pledge Your Voice, a blog created by Lauren to help spread media literacy and to help empower women to use their voice.

Join us in the 31 Day Self-Love Writing Contest to win an autographed copy of Michelle Minero’s book, Self-Love Diet: The Only Diet That Works. Read through the Self-Love Posting Guidelines for inspiration on different ways you can focus on bringing more love into your life through the 7 paths of the Self-Love Diet. Read through 2012’s monthly Self-Love Writing Prompts for ideas on topics you can write about to help you focus more on loving yourself, and read through others’ self-love posts for inspiration at the bottom of the prompts page. Share your self-love journey with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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1 Response to I am Beautiful

  1. Dear Lauren,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to be a guest blogger during our Self-Love Challenge month! I am so pleased that although you did not write every day as you intended, every day you did challenge your thought process on how you could continue the process of learning to love yourself. That is success!
    When you stated that filling your life with beauty was not an option for you; I heard a commitment underneath that statement. All change starts with a commitment.
    I do believe you will live a life surrounded by beauty because I believe it is already inside you and all around you.
    When you chant “I’m beautiful” and tears come to your eyes, I believe it’s because you are tapping into the part of you that is recognizing the truth of your statement.

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