Changing My Thoughts, Changing My Habits

I go through cycles of balance and imbalance. These cycles of imbalance usually stem from the self-perpetuation of self-critical thoughts or false beliefs.

False Belief One: I have to do everything now. Nothing can be put aside for later.

What This Belief Creates: My sleeping habits get thrown off. The past two nights I went to sleep at 4am. Yesterday I woke up at 3pm. Today I woke up at 1:30pm.

Unusual sleeping habits disrupt my daily flow, and eventually lead to inefficient working and living habits, which leads to an imbalance.

When I become less effective in how I want to live and work, I start to think negatively about myself. Why am I doing X? Why am I not doing B? These negative thoughts perpetuate more negative thoughts and more false beliefs, further throwing me off balance.

A day or two before I started writing these self-love posts, I started to notice myself getting off balance, and since I started writing these self-love posts, I’ve been mainly focusing on my thoughts.

If I don’t get something done that I want to finish, I tell myself that it’s okay, and that I have tomorrow to continue working on it. If I have a hard time going to sleep, instead of berating myself about not being able to fall asleep, I focus on doing something productive or I focus on relaxing and unwinding and being okay with being awake. If I wake up at 3pm, instead of getting upset with myself for a lot of the day being gone, I tell myself that I have right now to do what I want with my day. Whenever I notice a negative thought slipping in, I acknowledge it and then let it go, and more and more I’ve been replacing those negative thoughts with thoughts of gratitude and appreciation.

I’ve been noticing my energy shifting to a more positive frequency, and it feels good. 🙂 I’m excited to continue to make self-love my focus this month, and I’m excited to see how it impacts me.

– Emelina Minero

Join us in the 31 Day Self-Love Writing Contest to win an autographed copy of Michelle Minero’s book, Self-Love Diet: The Only Diet That WorksRead through the Self-Love Posting Guidelines for inspiration on different ways you can focus on bringing more love into your life through the 7 paths of the Self-Love Diet. Read through 2012’s monthly Self-Love Writing Prompts for ideas on topics you can write about to help you focus more on loving yourself, and read through others’ self-love posts for inspiration at the bottom of the prompts page. Share your self-love journey with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Emelina Minero writes for Curve Magazine and EDGE Gay Media Network, and is Curve’s Social Media Manager. She’s launching her own progressive LGBTQ publication, The Human Experience. She’s a Connection Connoisseur, Networking Maven and Self-Love Enthusiast. She founded Community Bucket List and co-founded the Love Warrior Community. Find her on Twitter, @CommKr8veWriter.

About emelinaminero

I'm passionate about people, community, self-love and the diversity in the human experience.
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3 Responses to Changing My Thoughts, Changing My Habits

  1. Good job Emelina, Noticing our thoughts and changing them to positive, loving thoughts is the corner stone of the Self-Love Diet!

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