Accepting Your Brilliance…???

This is a great question. What is brilliance? Where does it come from? What does it look like? I am not sure I know the answers to any of those questions. If I were to answer that question from an egocentric place I may state that brilliance is intelligence and how one chooses to take that intelligence to manifest things one desires such has happiness, business, money and comfort. If I look at brilliance from a spiritual and non-egocentric place I see brilliance as an energy and light that resides within every human being. Brilliance is within every heartbeat, leaf that falls from a tree and every cell that creates a human being. Brilliance is taking your life, your body and what one has to use it for good, love, health and embodiment of the richness that dwells within each human being; the soul.

So how can I accept my brilliance? Here’s what I have to say for this moment in time—:) I can accept that my mind and body was brilliant in its ways to take care of myself as I survived over a decade of incest and abuse. My body is brillant for recovering from over a decade of battles with anorexia and bulimia nervosa. My body knew its brilliance and what health was even when my psyche did not. My body and its brilliance knew how to protect it. I can accept the brilliance of my soul. I can accept that there is some gift and purpose for me that is more brilliant and great than I know now or may ever know.

I can accept that my life has a story and I am changing my past and my family’s future. Brilliance takes courage…and courage takes fear.

Love and light,

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Lindsey Wert is a Marriage and Family Therapist in Sonoma County with special interest in treatment and prevention of eating disorders and sexual trauma. Lindsey’s passions are supporting women in learning how to love themselves from the inside out. Lindsey contributes to her community by giving eating disorder presentations, doing prevention work and supporting the health at every size movement. Visit Lindsey’s personal website, From the Inside Out: Self Love and Transformation

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2 Responses to Accepting Your Brilliance…???

  1. I agree that brilliance takes the courage to confront our fears and move past them. When we do that, fear opens the door it has been guarding, and we are able to walk down a path that we had only imagined in our dreams!

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