Dream a big Scary Dream!

Summer is my favorite season. I feel an emotional lift as soon as the sun comes out. I would be happy living somewhere where the sun is my constant companion. These past few weeks it seems as if autumn has been in a power struggle with summer. The mornings are cool, misty and grey and the Japanese Maple tree in our back yard is beginning to change color at the same time that the sun comes out at noon in its full glory.

This is the season of change. It can be hard to let go of one thing to make room for another. Change, and the unknown, can feel scary.

I am currently in a season of change in my life. I am stepping into my larger self by committing to self-publish my book by the end of this year. I am working with a business coach to help me develop a business plan that will include motivational speaking, book tours, online offerings and sacred body retreats where I will offer body masking workshops while I continue to work in my private practice.

These upcoming changes in my work life are exciting as well as scary. Fear and Excitement feel very similar in my body. My commitment to being authentically vulnerable helps me move toward self-publishing my book, Self-Love Diet: the Only Diet that Works, even though it will not be perfect.

My emotional well-being comes from loving myself, my passion for the message of my book and sharing it with the world. My well-being is not connected to having an image of an original art piece at the beginning of each chapter as my perfectionistic self would say.
I could continue to edit and create art for the beginning of each chapter, and change this and that for the rest of my life! I have chosen to publish it this year, birthing my message of self-love, body love and love of our world.

As the reality of my book being out in the world approaches, I’ve noticed some trepidation. “What if people think it’s too simplistic? What if my colleagues disagree with my beliefs? Shouldn’t I wait and create inspired art for every chapter before publishing it?”

I notice my fearful thoughts come and go like the clouds on these sunny afternoons. My fear of criticism and rejection are fading as my conviction in my message strengthens.

Do you have a fear holding you back from a change you want to make? Is there something you need to let go of? What dream of yours is waiting to come into existence? Someone said, “If you’re not scared, then your dream is not big enough!” Dream a scary dream and begin taking action on it today!

The blog prompt for September is about change. Can you love yourself enough to make the changes you want in your life? Are you courageous enough to let go of what’s holding you back in order to make room for what comes next?

All of us in the Love Warrior Community hope that you’ll write about the changes you want to make in your life and the dreams that are waiting to come true for you.

To submit your self-love posts to be published here on selflovewarrior.com, submit your post here.


Michelle Minero
Michelle Minero is a licensed marriage family therapist who specializes in eating disorder recovery. She created an intensive outpatient eating disorder program in 2000, brought ANAD (Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, Inc.) to Petaluma shortly after and founded EDRS (Eating Disorder Recovery Support, Inc.), a Marin and Sonoma County based 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 2005. In 2011, Michelle co-founded the Love Warrior Community with her daughter, Emelina, an online community that helps people cultivate self-love, self-acceptance and body acceptance through creative expression. Michelle is finishing her book, Self-Love: The Only Diet That Works, and her dream is to see a world filled with people who love themselves and their bodies. Connect with Michelle on Facebook and Twitter and help spread the Self-Love Movement!

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4 Responses to Dream a big Scary Dream!

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  2. Julie says:

    I applaud your bravery for not only dreaming a big dream, but actually doing the work to make it a reality! Keep your standards high and don’t give power to your inner critic. Remember, that perfection is boring – while something “authentically vulnerable” is always interesting! I look forward to reading your book when it comes out. 🙂 Like you, I am a dedicated believer in the relationship between self-love and well-being. ❤

    • Julie, thank you so much for your encouragement. It brightened my day to read your comment and I connected with what you wrote. Thank you so much for your positive words. My book is almost done, and it should be out about mid-January! I’ll be blogging more about my book when it gets closer to publication.



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