Anything Is Possible

As a first time mom I have found that my time in the day is used a lot differently than it was before my daughter.

Before my daughter Ninel, if there was a task I wanted to start and finish in the same day or couple days I could do it. Maybe I would have to dedicate most of my day to the task, though I could get it done if I chose to put all of my time towards it.

Up until a couple months ago, I felt if there was a task, especially a writing and or computer related task that I really wanted to accomplish that it would take way longer than a day or two to complete. With my fifteen month old daughter I felt like a couple day task turned into a couple week task. My day would seem to fly by with feeding, toileting, cleaning, cooking and making sure my daughter had an enriching and fun, loving day.

I would tell my husband that in order for me to get anything done that needed more attention and detail that I would have to do it late into the night or early morning when Ninel was still sleeping, or else it would take forever.

It wasn’t until a couple months ago that I learned that this belief I had was not a hundred percent true. I recently published an e-book called, The Friendship Effect, which I had been writing for six years.

Before I began the publishing process I had been waiting to save enough money to pay for an amazing editor who I had wanted to work with for years. After a couple months of waiting, I could not stand it anymore. I was and am so passionate about the message in my book and the belief that it could help others and the world that I couldn’t wait a second longer; I wanted to get it out there.

At this same time, I also had a talk on my book that was coming up in two weeks. I made a decision that my book was going to be published as an e-book and ready for anyone who wanted to purchase it by the date of my talk.

It definitely took a lot of work to meet that goal. I did not end up using the editor I had anticipated though still used an absolutely amazing, efficient and talented editor for a more economical fee. I did stay up late into the nights and early mornings and did take up coffee for those two weeks:)

I also learned that it was okay to let my daughter “be” when I was in the same room with her on the computer. I learned that I did not always have to be teaching her something or be right by her side. I believe this lesson for me also benefited Ninel, because it also taught her how to be even more independent and allowed her to do what she wanted during these times.

I was fortunate to grow up knowing that “anything is possible.” It was nice to be able to put that belief into action again while simultaneously taking care of my young daughter. Since then my book is available via all major retailer online book stores, some including and I did not stop there. I was grateful to have an article in my local paper in regards to my book:

I also created a Friendship Effect contest to spread the word about the power of friendships via my book, which is still in full force until August 31st:

I am currently in the works of getting my book in a paperback form. This will be another met goal in one to two months via

If I want to make something happen or achieve it, no one is in my way but me. Anything is possible and that is so exciting and invigorating. Have a wonderful rest of your day:)

Renee Ho

Renee Ho is passionate about changing the world by helping others be more happy and by helping others do what they are passionate about through the power of friendships.

Renee was born and raised in Northern California. She lived and went to school in Wyoming for five years where she was a division one soccer player for the University of Wyoming. Renee got a dual major in regular and special education. She learned Spanish while teaching at public and private schools in Costa Rica and Guatemala.

In her two years living in Maui, Renee taught at a public school as the kindergarten and severe and profound special education teacher. She also taught for two years at a non-profit autism school while living in Georgia. In this time she was the early intervention teacher, lead teacher and school director. She then taught at an autism and behavior specialty school in California for two years as a middle school teacher.

Renee has begun an organization called Amistad, which means friendship in Spanish. Amistad’s objective is to help Latina women in her community live a life full of passion and happiness through friendships.

In Renee’s spare time she enjoys exercising, learning information that can help her grow, traveling and spending time with her husband, daughter, family and friends. Renee believes and teaches that friendship with oneself and others is a powerful tool which can help be a part of bettering our world.

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2 Responses to Anything Is Possible

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  2. What important lessons you are learning! I do believe that our possibilities are boundless. I enjoyed reading how you were aware of a belief that you had not confronted before…the belief that the only time to work on your book was when Ninel was asleep. Once you were mindful of that belief, you were able to test it out, and you found some gifts for both you and Ninel in the process! I am grateful for the message you are putting out in the world. I’ve always known that friendships are important, but I was not aware all the research that points to the healing power of friendships. Thanks for putting this important info out into the world!

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