Passions Poem


Passion untouched is a leaf drifting across the sky waiting to touch down. Passion untouched is the torn in the crown…passion surrounded by gates is a soul’s need for air…like a mother’s cold touch and a heart that may tear…passion untouched is wind bent by steal…the emptied, hollowed brook thirsting for water to heal…Passion untouched is a primal fire turn down…emptiness and red paint splattered across a white gown.

Passion explored is a heavenly gift…a bow, a fragrance a heart and soul the uplifts. Passion explored is a lighted candle of the heart, with openness and generosity that kisses the skin…like a ray of sunshine a new day begins….

Passion brought to light dances across the sky like butterfly wings and sparkly diamond rings…Passion brought to light is a dream filled with joy…a rainbow of love, a new baby’s toy…Passion brought to life is raw and real…making one feel as strong as steal. Passion brought to light heals the heart…loving and bringing memories that never will part.

Love and light-

Lindsey Wert is a Marriage and Family Therapist in Sonoma County with special interest in treatment and prevention of eating disorders and sexual trauma. Lindsey’s passions are supporting women in learning how to love themselves from the inside out. Lindsey contributes to her community by giving eating disorder presentations, doing prevention work and supporting the health at every size movement. Visit Lindsey’s personal website, From the Inside Out: Self Love and Transformation

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