When You Learn to Love Yourself – Everything Else Will Just Fall Into Place

Dear Self,

You have been through some pretty rough times. You don’t care about yourself as much as you should or give yourself respect or credit for anything. That’s not a good excuse for treating yourself that way though.

A good friend once told you that you have a horrible self-image. He was right. This bad image of yourself made you truly believe that you were stupid, incompetent, fat, ugly, undesirable, rude, annoying, obnoxious and pretty much just a piece of crap. All of them are lies.

Believing these things were true just made them true. Therefore everyone thought that those things were true too since you believed them. It made you an all around unhappy person to be around. You were miserable this way on the inside and towards others. However much you tried to convince yourself otherwise it just made you sadder.

Not having a single boy interested in you romantically is hard for you. This drags your image down even more. After a long conversation with the same friend, though, you have come to the realization that you do think badly of yourself, worse than you should. There’s a difference between being realistic and harsh.

No, you aren’t the model skinny you wish you were. No, you aren’t drop dead gorgeous. No, you don’t love everything you say and do. But guess what? Get over it.

No one is perfect. The best you can do is just love yourself for who are are, imperfections and all. Because if you can’t even love yourself, then how can you expect anyone else to love you?

When you learn to love yourself, everything else will just fall into place.

Love Always, Yourself ❤


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2 Responses to When You Learn to Love Yourself – Everything Else Will Just Fall Into Place

  1. Thanks so much for your post. I agree that you can make things true by saying them over and over to yourself. When they are negative criticisms, you can believe all the horrible things you’ve said about yourself.

    You do have the choice to love yourself, or condem yourself.

    I’m so glad you are choosing love instead of continueing to abuse yourself with all of those lies.
    I’m also pleased that you have chosen to let go of perfectionism and to love yourself as you are, which I’m sure is much better than you’ve been led to believe in the past!

    Will you let us know what you notice in your relationships as you continue to be more loving to yourself?



  2. Reblogged this on positiveoverthinker and commented:
    It’s true..

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