The 10 Minute Self-Love Writing Challenge Continues!

Good Morning!

January is coming to a close and along with it the 10 Minute Self-Love Writing Challenge, sort of. 🙂

We’re continuing the 10 Minute Self-Love Writing Challenge! It’s not just going to be throughout January, but it will be year round. We’ll mix it up each month. For the month of February, you can continue to write daily 10 minute self-love posts, for yourself in a personal journal or you can share it with our group blog, or you can write longer than 10 minutes if you feel moved to. Another thing we will be adding is prompts. You can choose to follow the prompts or you can choose your own. 🙂

To stay updated on our prompts and on the 10 Minute Self-Love Writing Challenge, join our 10 Minute Self-Love Writing Challenge Facebook Event Page, where will post the latest news. Also, add your Facebook friends to join to grow our community of self-love writers!

To check out a list of all the posts submitted during this challenge, to read our posting guidelines to get the most out of self-love writing and to submit your self-love writing to the Self-Love Warrior group blog, visit here.

If you want to get the self-love posts sent directly to your email once they’re published, you can type in your email to the right of this page. 🙂

Also, check out our Love Warrior Community website. There you can find more forms of self-love writing: poetry, short fiction, quotes, body love letters and body forgiveness letters and you can submit your favorites or your own creations. You can also find self-love and self-empowerment themed videos, music, art and photography. 🙂 If you want to get body positive, self-empowering, self-love themed content sent to you daily, you can also subscribe to the Love Warrior Community website and have it sent directly to your email.

Also check out our Love Warrior Community Self-Love Journal. If you are writing self-love posts with us or if you want to start, but you don’t want to share them with the group blog, then you may enjoy getting a Self-Love Journal for your self-love writing. Check it out below. 🙂

Share this with your friends, your family, your colleagues and whoever you think can benefit from it. The more people we have writing about their self-love journey, the more people we will inspire. 🙂

Here is what one person wrote on the 10 Minute Self-Love Writing Challenge Facebook Event Page:

I have posted a few times in the Self-love column in the past few weeks, and have felt so good after writing my thoughts and feelings down. Also, it is so healing reading posts that others have written. I personally am hoping that the site keeps running for myself and others. We all can use, and enjoy the encouraging words that others have to share. Sometimes all we may need when we are going through a hard emotional time or when we may not be feeling great about ourselves, or maybe even when what is going on in our every day life seems to be more than what we feel we want or can handle all alone, writing our feelings down or reading what others are saying can guide us in another direction and makes us see there may be another path to take that may make our life go a bit smoother and seem like less of a burden. Please encourage the Self-love creators to keep this great thing going on for each and every one of us who have benefited from this self warming group.

The Self-Love Journal

The Love Warrior Community Self-Love Journal — $10 + S/H

Check out the Events page on the LWC site. If you’re able to make it to the EDRS Conference on Feb. 2 – 4th, you can pick up a Self-Love Journal in-person for $10 without S/H.

To buy the Love Warrior Community Self-Love Journal, visit the LWC Store.

Emelina Minero writes for Curve Magazine and EDGE Media Network. She’s working on launching her own progressive LGBTQ publication. She’s a Connection Connoisseur, Networking Maven and Self-Love Enthusiast. She founded Community Bucket List and co-founded the Love Warrior Community. Find her on Twitter, @CommKr8veWriter.


About emelinaminero

I'm passionate about people, community, self-love and the diversity in the human experience.
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