New Year, New Beginnings

I just wanted to start by saying that I think this is a really cool idea and I definitely need to learn to love myself more, I do a lot of self-criticism and its time for me to stop and learn to appreciate myself.

One of my big new years resolutions this year is to start eating healthier and to exercise regularly. I found out in 2011 that I have a severely reactive hypoglycemic and to be perfectly honest I have been upset with my body because of the restrictions that it puts on me and the way I feel so sick all the time. The diet and exercise plan that my doctor suggested to me at first felt more like an unwanted prescription that was being forced on me but I want to change the way I think about it and proactively take control of my own health and body and the way I live my life. This year I am working really hard on putting positive connotations to my diet and exercise so that I can feel more like it is my own personal choice and make a permanent change in my life for the better.

I do a lot of unnecessary eating when I’m depressed, upset, agitated, or even when I’m bored. I have a huge sweet tooth and sometimes I just start snacking and them I’m upset with myself and my body for all the junk food that I eat. On Sunday I started my own blog to track my progress with my diet and exercise and getting myself into shape, I figured it would make it easier to stay motivated if I felt I was accountable to someone, even if it was an invisible audience.

This morning I got up and I made my usual cup of coffee in the morning. And I sat down at my desk to check my email. I felt hungry, and my first reaction was to reach for the goody bag I’d been given for Christmas and to search for a cookie. With my cookie in hand I stopped myself and realized that if I ate goodies for breakfast I would be setting myself up to be tired and sick for the rest of the day. And I also did not want to record in my meal diary that I had eaten nothing but a cookie. So I put my cookie away and I got up to make myself breakfast. I made myself scrambled eggs with a piece of toast and I ate my breakfast with my cup of coffee. Afterwards I felt full, and I felt really good about my choice knowing that it would give me a better start to my day than the cookie would have. I’m not depriving myself of treats, merely cutting way back and being careful of how much treats I eat. So I decided that I could still have my treat today, but I would eat half a cookie instead of a whole cookie, and only after I have a really good lunch.

Knowing that I was making really good choices for myself during the day put me in a really good mood. I am very proud of myself for choosing to eat a good meal instead of something that would be only momentarily pleasing and then make me feel ill and agitated. I was automatically in a good mood when I realized what I had done and was able to not only be nice to myself but also to my partner, who appreciated my smiles and good humor before he went to work. I also was happy that I would have something good to report in my blog this week. I think it set a good tone for my day and I am enjoying the sense of happiness I feel right now.

Megan McIntyre

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