51 Days To Make The Most of Life

Hi, I’m 15 years old and live with my parents and sister in Ulverston. I’ve been fighting cancer for almost 4 years and now I know that the cancer is gaining on me and it doesn’t look like I’m going to win this one 😦 I’m hoping to write in here as much as I can and I’m also going to show my bucket list which I’m trying to get done before I have to go. Hopefully, I’ll update as I tick each one off the list 🙂

If today was your last day on this earth, how would you spend it?

One day, when searching on Twitter, I stumbled upon a link, and I stumbled upon Alice’s Bucket List.

I’ve created a bucket list because there are so many things I still want to do in my life … some are possible, some will remain a dream. My blog is to document this precious time with my family and friends, doing the things I want to do. You only have one life … live it!

I was moved when I first found Alice’s blog. The day after she started it, it went viral, and she began to receive hundreds of comments, and people, all over the world, have been helping and continue to help her achieve her bucket list.

I was sad, happy, and inspired to find Alice’s blog. I was happy to see that there are people all around the world willing to help others, and wanting to help others. And I was inspired to make the most of that day.

Another story I recently found in the media, which is not as happy, the Casey Anthony Verdict. Apparently this case has been going on for 3 years, and I just heard about it a couple days ago.

A little girl named Caylee was missing and found dead. The mom said she died by accident and a lot of people believed she killed her. The verdict was not guilty, which created a media frenzy and an outrage among the public.

Due to this, I received a link via Facebook about creating and enacting “Caylee’s Law” in 2012, which would make it a felony to not report your missing child after 24 hours, under the age of 18.

This event created a call to action among the masses.

Why is it that something huge, something horrific, something life threatening has to happen to make us want to take action in our lives?

I think having something outside of ourselves, something larger than ourselves, or a cause helps motivate us.

So I’m going to make my own cause. Me! 🙂

After reading Alice’s Bucket List, I was inspired for a day, but only a day to make a change and a difference in my life. Why? Because the inspiration needs to come from within myself. I need to be the cause.

I realized something today. We’re in July, and my birthday is in August. I looked at the calendar and realized that my birthday is 51 days from today.

Another thing I realized when I was looking over all of my self-love posts: When I was actively working on self-love daily, and reflecting about it, and writing about it daily – I felt amazing.

Why wait until I turn 24 to celebrate and feel great? Why not feel great every day? If I know that I can feel amazing about myself and life by actively working on self-love, and I know that writing self-love posts daily helps me get there, then why not do it?

I decided to work on self-love and write about it daily, for at least 51 days, starting today, until my 24th birthday.

I want to live amazingly, love, and celebrate my life every day, not just once a year on my birthday.

What was my self-love focus for today? Sleep. I haven’t been sleeping at all these past few days due to building excitement for a project I’m working on, but today I slept in a little longer. I slept for 6 hours, and then I took 2 naps. My body needed to catch up on sleep.

What am I going to do right now? I’m going to listen to my body and go to sleep, instead of staying up and getting some stuff done. By listening to my body, I’ll be treating myself well, and I’ll wake up more alert and happier tomorrow morning to start my day fresh.

Happy Un-Birthday to You!

What can you do today to celebrate yourself?

Emelina Minero writes for Curve Magazine and EDGE Media Network. She’s working on launching her own progressive LGBTQ publication. She’s a Connection Connoisseur, Networking Maven and Self-Love Enthusiast. She founded Community Bucket List and co-founded the Love Warrior Community. Find her on Twitter, @CommKr8veWriter.


About emelinaminero

I'm passionate about people, community, self-love and the diversity in the human experience.
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