My Guiding Light: Day number 6 of the Self-Love Challenge

After writing my blog last night, I laid down to go to sleep, and found my mind racing. My youngest daughter is working on launching my new website tomorrow, and showed me the site. I was so excited, but my excitement turned into anxiety. My mind started going into hyper-drive:

“How can I handle all the extra attention this site will require?”

“How will I find time to write things for the site, and still finish my book?”

“I still have to write the book proposal, which will be hard.”

My mind kept racing to the next unsettling thought.

I woke up this morning still feeling troubled.

I’m acutely aware of my Self-Love focus, so I lit my candles, and shuffled through my SoulCollage® cards. One card actually flew out of the deck and onto the floor! I picked it up and it was my “Guiding Light” card.

This card features the inside of a deep cave. The dark, rock walls of the cave are textured in such a way that someone could climb towards the hole in the ceiling of the cave. Sunlight is streaming into the cave from above.

I spoke from the image of the dark cave:

I am the one who:

Doesn’t know the way out.
Is in the darkness.
Is uncomfortable with not knowing.
Is afraid.
Feels lost.
Is in unfamiliar territory.
Feels alone.

From the image of the rock walls:

I am the one who:

Has been here for eternity
Is solid.
Creates a way out.
Invites you to work your way towards the light.
Tells you, “All major endeavors require extra-ordinary feats.”

From the image of the light:

I am the one who:

Shows you the way.
Invites you to a new reality.
Requires you to have faith.
Beckons you to climb out of the darkness and into your life.

I shared this process of reading this card with my daughter, and she let me know that she will manage the web site. The only thing required of me is to make a Self-Love poster from a photo I have taken of the moon. This will be a prize for a contest that will be featured on my site. I have a month to complete this task. So it wasn’t as bad as my imaginative brain was creating. Now I have time to focus on completing the last steps of my book.

Taking the time to meditate in the morning, and read from my cards is such a loving action for me. It can be a focus or intention for the day. Or like this morning, it can be the answer to a question that is bothering me. Taking the time for myself was my gift to me.

Visit my Self-Love website to find out more about the Love Warrior Community. It will launch tomorrow. Visit Daylle Deanna Schwartz’ website to take the 31 Days of Self-Love Pledge and to receive her free e-book, How Do I Love Me? Let Me Count The ways.

I look forward to seeing what self-love actions you take.



Self-Love Diet Front CoverMichelle Minero, the Co-Founder of this blog and the overarching Love Warrior Community published her book, Self-Love Diet: The Only Diet That Works. You can buy her book online or at the Petaluma Copperfield’s bookstore. For upcoming events and book signings, starting with Michelle’s Free SoulCollage® Workshop on Saturday, March 23rd, visit Michelle’s Events page.

Michelle Minero, MFT 3Michelle Minero is a licensed marriage family therapist who specializes in eating disorder recovery. Michelle’s book, Self-Love Diet: The Only Diet That Works, was published on January 23, 2013. You can purchase a copy through Amazon. Her dream is to see a world filled with people who love themselves and their bodies.

Michelle created an intensive outpatient eating disorder program in 2000, brought ANAD (Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, Inc.) to Petaluma shortly after and founded EDRS (Eating Disorder Recovery Support, Inc.), a Marin and Sonoma County based 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 2005.

In 2011, Michelle co-founded the Love Warrior Community with her daughter, Emelina, an online community that helps people cultivate self-love, self-acceptance and body acceptance through creative expression. Connect with Michelle on Facebook and Twitter.

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