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Welcome to the Love Warrior Community’s group self-love blog! Anybody can contribute to this blog, including you! πŸ™‚ Each month we write with a new self-love theme in mind. You can deviate from the theme and write whatever you are inspired by, as well.

Below you’ll find a link to our posting Guidelines, which also serve as inspiration, as well as a link to where you can submit your self-love posts. You can sign your posts or you can submit them anonymously. Below that you will find descriptions of our 2014 monthly self-love writing prompts, followed by links to all of the posts for each month, and below that you will find descriptions of our 2013 and 2012 monthly self-love writing prompts, followed by links to all of the posts for each month.

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2014 Self-Love Diet Writing Prompts

October Self-Love Diet Writing Prompt: Take Action On That One Next Step

OctoberΒ 1

October Prompt: October Self-Love Diet Writing Prompt: Take That One Next Step – Emelina Minero

Three Aspects of My Life I Am Grateful For – Michelle Minero

September Self-love Diet Writing Prompt: Positivity

September 2

September Prompt: Knowing What You Want + Positive Thought + Action = Positive Outcome – Emelina Minero

September 9

Death, Anxiety, Gratitude, Letting Go and Tumblr – Emelina Minero

September 13Β 

The Letting Go Process – Emelina Minero

September 16

Little Reminders – Lila

September 18

Death, Grief, Gratitude and Positivity – Michelle Minero

August Self-Diet Writing Prompt: Speak Your Truth

August 1

August Prompt:Β Speak Your Truth – Michelle Minero

August 18

Love Is More Powerful Than Any Evil – Michelle Minero

July Self-Love Diet Writing Prompt: Claiming Your Independence

July 1

July Self-Love Diet Writing Prompt: Claiming Your Independence – Michelle Minero

July 4

Declaration of Independence: Freedom to Be – Michelle Minero

July 15

Getting What You Ask For – Michelle Minero

You Deserve Self-Love! – Lila

July 28

You Got a Friend in Me! – Lila

July 31

Declaring Independence – Michelle Minero

June Self-Love Diet Challenge

June 1

June Self-Love Diet Prompt/Challenge – Emelina Minero

June 2

Self-Love: Just Do You! – Lila

June 4

Self-Love: Take Baby Steps – Lila

June 6

Roaring Back! – Lila

June 11

Self-Love Gives You Freedom – Lila

June 16

A Canvas of Self-Love! – Lila

June 23Β 

Radical Change & Self-Love – Lila

June 30

Talents & Self-Love – Lila

May Prompt – Body Gratitude

May 1

May Self-Love Diet Writing Prompt: Body Gratitude – Emelina Minero

I Love My Heart – Lindsey Wert

May 2

Self-Love Diet Food and Eating Guidelines #5: Treat Yourself like an Important Guest – Michelle Minero

I Love My Brain! – Lila

Thank You Toes – Michelle Minero

May 3

Body gratitude @ T.H.E. – thank you, hair! – Sarah Stout

May 5

For The Love Of My Eyes – Dina F. Gilmore

Start of a Revolution! – Lila

May 7

Graduation, Gratitude and Growth – Lila

May 8

Thank You Ears – Michelle Minero

May 9

A little bit of ROARING! – Lila

Body Gratitude: Dear Arms (five by five) – Francesca Lewis

May 10

For The Love Of My Body – Dina F Gilmore

May 12

Radically Loving Yourself – Lila

May 14

Keeping up with Life! – Lila

May 16

Are you Roaring? – Lila

May 19

Radical Self-Love Lesson: Daily Practice – Lila

May 21

Embracing My Natural Beauty – Self-Love – Lila

May 23

Self-Love Diet Tip: Strengthen Your Inner Observer – Lila

May 26

Re-Learning Self-Love – Lila

May 28

Celebrating Self-Love – Lila

May 29

Loving My Belly – Michelle Minero

May 30

Letting Go of the Negatives – Lila

April Prompt – Body Equinox

April 1

April Self-Love Diet Writing Prompt: Body Equinox – Michelle Minero

April 10

Self-Love Diet Food & Eating Guidelines #3: Bring Gratitude to Your Meals – Michelle Minero

April 30

Self-Love Diet Food & Eating Guidelines #4: Neutralize Foods and Choose Foods that You Enjoy – Michelle Minero

March Prompt – The Body Path

March 1

March Self-Love Diet Writing Prompt: The Body Path – Emelina Minero

March 2

Self-Love Diet Food & Eating Guidelines: #1 – Eat When You Are Physically Hungry – Michelle Minero

March 5

My Body is a Wonderland – Ja’el Daniely

Allowing Peace to Have a Home – Emelina Minero

Ode to Fingernails – Ja’el Daniely

March 6:

Loving My Body – Lindsey Wert

March 7:

The Black Forest – Lindsey Wert

March 10:

I Am A Beautiful Strong Survivor – Lisa Springer

Shadow and Light – Lindsey Wert

March 11:

People take up space. Human beings give back to the world through knowledge and love. – Ja’el Daniely

March 20:

Self-Love Diet Food & Eating Guidelines: #2 – Stop Eating When You Are Satisfied – Michelle Minero

March 24:

Daily Efforts – Lila

March 28:

Contemporary Classics – Ja’el Daniely

February Prompt – Cultivate Your Relationship with Yourself

February 1

February Self-Love Writing Prompt: Be Your Own Valentine – Emelina Minero

February 22

Love Yourself So You Can Love Others – Michelle Minero

February 28

Taking Action Will Change Your Life – Emelina Minero

January Prompt – 31-Day Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge

This January marks our 4th annual 31-Day Self-Love Writing Challenge. You can read the official post for January’s prompt here.

December 31:

31-Day Self-Love Writing Challenge, 2014 – Emelina Minero

January 1:

One Resolution: Self Love – Tathra Street

I don’t have to hate you to love me … – Kadi

Changes – Katie P.

Self-Love Diet Tip 1: The Art of Complimenting Yourself – Michelle Minero

New Year, New Beginning? – Debbie B.

Is This About Her or You? – Susie

My body is a lovely vehicle for my life – Tessa Thornberry

2014 a start of a new year, new view – Allie

Racing into the New Year – Bobbie

Week 1: Self-Love Assessment – Day 1: Loving My Body – AO

I Give Myself Permission… – Liz Marino

Time to Hustle – Rodrigo Flamenco

Goals – Alexis

Love Must Be With Me – Anonymous

Change is Good. – Ja’el

God and me – Kathryn H

Keeping what works. Letting go of what doesn’t. – Nashiva

Being Gentle – Kathryn

Self-Love Action! – Anonymous

My Body’s Greatest Gift To Me: My Son – Megan McIntyre

Keeping Promises – Lauren

This is day one… – Natalie

Love your Heart – Rebecca

Don’t Fake It – Melissa

Dark Night of the Soul – Lindsey Wert

My Face – JAC

Overflowing With Love – Emelina Minero

Day 1 of the 31-Day Self-Love Writing Challenge – Elizabeth Miller

Take Care of Myself – Sue

Opportunities – Katie P.

Day 1 and the battle begins… – Shadoww420

To Let My Tears Fall Rather Than Hording Them – Leslie

I Am Enough – A Big Dreamer

January 2:

Self-Love Diet Tip #2: Connect with the love that is within you and all around you – Michelle Minero

Choosing Self-Care – Emelina Minero

Day Two: Unconditional and Vulnerable – Tathra Street

Practice Makes Easier – Tessa Thornberry

What do I love about me… – B πŸ™‚

Mindfulness – Linda “HigFig”

A poem intended to be sung. – Ja’el

Today is about taking care of me…. – Kadi

A Reflection of My Body and Mind Connection Entering Into the New Year – Aneliese

Day 2 – Allie

Jan. 2nd – Debbie B.

Self Love Project – Kay

Here’s The Thing – Kay

A Cold Afternoon – Bobbie

I Am Worthy – Megan McIntyre

Having a Sense of Humor – Kathryn H

Week 1: Self-Love Challenge – Day 2: Emotional Me – AO

Being My “Best Beyonce” – JAC

William Saladin Giving Me Hope and Whispering in My Ear – Lindsey Wert

Teaching is learning. – Melissa

Day Two… – Natalie

Earth Body – Becca

Catching Up – Renee Ho

Day 2 of the 31-Day Self-Love Writing Challenge – Elizabeth Miller

Day Two…Β I tentatively poke and prod myself… – Shadoww420

“Acceptance” – Jackie Nappi

January 3:

Self-Love Diet Tip #3: Becoming a Great Thought Catcher – Michelle Minero

Day Three: Onions – Tathra Street

Living with the Beasties – Lauren

To Selfie or Not – Melissa

Journey by Train – Bobbie

Being My Own Advocate – Lindsey Wert

Catch and Release Thought – Becca

Thank You Body – Renee Ho

Day 3 of the 31-Day Self-Love Writing Challenge – Elizabeth Miller

Reminders of What’s Important – Emelina Minero

January 4:

Self-Love Diet Tip #4: Confront Your Thought – Michelle Minero

Don’t Go there Girlfriend – Tathra Street

Patience – Bridgette

Valentine – MermaidAmy

Letting go can be love, too! – Tessa Thornberry

Just be happy. – Anonymous

Hidden Expectations? – Anonymous

Working My Way Out of the Bitter Bitch Section – Kay

Gratitude and Self-Care – Lauren

A Splashing Good Time – Bobbie

Moments – Lindsey Wert

Day 4: Listening to My Body – Renee Ho

I love my sense of humor – JAC

Day 3: It is none of your business what others think of you – Shadoww420

Day 4 of the 31-Day Self-Love Writing Challenge – Elizabeth Miller

Letting Go of Unrealistic Expectations – Emelina Minero

January 5:

Self-Love Diet Tip #5: Replace Your Thoughts – Michelle Minero

Day 5: How Would You Like It To Feel? – Tathra Street

Allowing Myself Access to Beauty Is also Self-Love – Tessa Thornberry

Creative – Lauren

Sick Day – Bobbie

Love is unchanging & limitless – Anonymous

Resting is taking care of my body – Renee Ho

Some days I see my progress more than others. – Kadi

Trusting the Universe – Lindsey Wert

Living in the Present – Emelina Minero

January 6:

Self-Love Diet Tip #6: Apologize to Yourself – Michelle Minero

How I Want To Live My Life – Emelina Minero

Day Six: Tumultuous Dragon Slayers – Tathra Street

Self-Love and Gratitude – Tessa Thornberry

Choices and ConsequencesΒ (One Cannot Live Among the Fair Folk) – Lauren

A Day of Extra Healing – Bobbie

Self Worth and Value – Lindsey Wert

January 7:

Self-Love Diet Tip #7: Commit to Change from the Inside Out – Michelle Minero

Day 7: Shades of Green – Tathra Street

I love my willingness to protect myself – Tessa Thornberry

Making Room – Lauren

Love without fear. – Anonymous

Who’s problem is it anyway? – Kadi

My CRAZY Hair – Bobbie

Motivational Speaker – Kay

January 8:Β 

Self-Love Diet Tip #8: Look Into Your Eyes – Michelle Minero

Day 8: A Week of Self-Love – Tathra Street

Gifting freely – Tessa Thornberry

Dark Brown Smoky Quartz – Lauren

Loving Yourself = Fighting For Yourself – JAC

ContagiousΒ smiles – Bobbie

Being Okay with Relaxing – Emelina Minero

You Know You’re Getting Old When… – Kristina Borba

January 9:

Self-Love Diet Tip #9: “What Will They Think?” – Michelle Minero

Justification – Ja’el

I love my excitement – Tessa Thornberry

Sleep Is Not for the Weak – Lauren

The chubby girl with a “pretty face & great smile” – Anonymous

Attitude of Gratitude – Becca

Early to Bed! – Bobbie

Things learned and worked on in 2013 – Lindsey Wert

Physical and Mental – Melissa

Day Nine: Reflections & Accomplishments – Tathra Street

#9 What will they think? Freedom from Judgement is to “FREE YOUR HEART” – Rebecca

January 10:

Self-Love Diet Tip #10: Surround Yourself With Love – Emelina Minero

Saying Hi and loving it! – Tessa Thornberry

Sometimes self-love does not feel like love – Lindsey Wert

Day 10: Pretense and Duality – Tathra Street

January 11:

Self-Love Diet Tip #11 Ask for Support – Michelle Minero

Self-Awareness for Self-Care – Tessa Thornberry

Day 11 Post – Renee Ho

Burly Burlesque – Burly Q

A Terrifying Thought – Anonymous

Letting Go of Yesterday – Bobbie

Day 11: In Brief – Tathra Street

Letting Go of Control – Lindsey Wert

January 12:

Self-Love Diet Tip #12: Give Yourself a Break – Michelle Minero

Sometimes the parts work together!!! I am a Good Monkey! <3! – Tessa Thornberry

A Lazy Day Turned Awesome – Bobbie

Day 12 – Renee Ho

Day 12: Mothering Myself – Tathra Street

The Gifts of Sensitivity and Vulnerability – Lindsey Wert

Hypomanic Happy and Non-Hypomanic Happy – Emelina Minero

January 13:

Self-Love Diet Tip #13: Tell the People You Love that You Love Them – Michelle Minero

Calling in Ennui – Anonymous

Day 13: Potty Training – Renee Ho

Morning Lovey-ness – Tessa Thornberry

I’m still here … – Kadi

Day 13: Practices, Celebration and a Meditation – Tathra Street

January 14:

Self-Love Diet Tip #14: Inspirational Reading – Michelle Minero

Letting Go of Struggle – Emelina Minero

My Bellybutton – Bobbie

Dragons – Lauren

Day 14: Reconnecting to Myself – Renee Ho

Scars=Experience, Experience=Life, Life=Love – Tessa Thornberry

Day 14: What I’ve Learned – Tathra Street

Today I Choose to … – Lindsey Wert

January 15:

Self-Love Diet Tip #15: Creativity Expands Your Experiences – Michelle Minero

Letting yourself make stuff = self-love! – Tessa Thornberry

Day 15:Β Your Body Tells You What It Needs – Renee Ho

Day 15: Heat Wave! – Tathra Street

Balance, Goal Setting and the Importance of a Support Network – Emelina Minero

January 16:

Self-Love Diet Tip #16: Keep It Simple – Michelle Minero

Day 16: Day Three of 40+ heatwave and self love – Tathra Street

The L Word – Kay

The Voice Brings Love – Tessa Thornberry

Day 16: Cheers to Hard Days and to Moving On – Renee Ho

Letting Go and Letting Life Flow – Lauren

Self-Love Actions Day 16 – Lindsey Wert

January 17:

Self-Love Diet Tip #17: Is It Self-Love or Not? – Michelle Minero

Day 17: Fourth Forty plus day – Tathra Street

Shyness Shield – Bobbie

Simply Love – Rebecca

Fixed Air – Rebecca

Day 17: Grateful for My Family – Renee Ho

Self-Love Challenge Day 17 – Lindsey Wert

Day 18:

Self-Love Diet Tip #18: Pamper Yourself – Emelina Minero

Loving my patience (Psych!!!) – Nashiva

Humor/me – Tessa Thornberry

Day 18: Cultivating Balance – Renee Ho

Day 18: Continuing Practices – Tathra Street

Day 19:

Self-Love Diet Tip #19: Take a Day Off – Emelina Minero

Day 19: Why do we do what we do? – Tathra Street

Self-Love Post Day 18-19 – Lindsey Wert

Burly Burlesque: Take 2 – Burly Q

Acceptance of the Transitory – Tessa Thornberry

Day 20:

Self-Love Diet Tip #20: Noticing Your Habits and How They Impact You – Emelina Minero

Day 20: Self Aspects and Mirror Work – Tathra Street

Self-Love Post Day 20 – Lindsey Wert

Day 20: No one can be perfect all the time – Becca M.

Hey Did You See This Awesome Thing?? – Anonymous

Day 20: The Love For My Daughters – Renee Ho

Today Was a Good Day – Kay

Asking for what I want – Tessa Thornberry

Day 21:

Self-Love Diet Tip #21: Cultivating Joy – Emelina Minero

Day 21: What I’ve Learned After Three Weeks – Tathra Street

Day 21: Did Something For Myself Today – Renee Ho

Hummingbird Joy – Becca

Intentions – Lindsey Wert

Proper Planning Makes for Happy Self! – Tessa Thornberry

Day 22:

Self-Love Diet Tip #22: Cultivating Balance – Emelina Minero

Day 22: All of the things! – Tathra Street

Unsure – Anonymous

The Physical Side – Tessa Thornberry

Things To Do – Kay

Day 22: Time Is Precious – Renee Ho

Day 23:

Self-Love Diet Tip #23: Finding the You Inside of Your Body – Emelina and Michelle Minero

Day 23: Unconditioning – Tathra Street

Beauty and the Beast – Anonymous

Believing in Something More – Tessa Thornberry

Day 24:

Self-Love Diet Tip #24: Redefine Beauty – Emelina Minero

Day 24: Worth it? – Tathra Street

Day 24: I’m Grateful for My Friendships – Renee Ho

Feeling My Way Along… – Tessa Thornberry

Day 25:

Self-Love Diet Tip #25: Reexamine Your Thoughts – Emelina Minero

Day 25: Gratitude – Tathra Street

Loving the Tiger Inside – Tessa Thornberry

Day 26:

Self-Love Diet Tip # 26: Slow Down – Michelle Minero

Day 26: Earth Honoring Australia Day – Tathra Street

Using My Voice – Megan McIntyre

To Love Myself as Much as My Cat Loves Me – Kay

Day 27:

Self-Love Diet Tip #27: Self-Love Spreads – Emelina Minero

Day 27: Dancing with Avicii – Tathra Street

Keep Going! – Tessa Thornberry

Day 28:

Self-Love Diet Tip #28: Silence – Michelle Minero

Day 28: Hot Nectarines – Tathra Street

Crazy Changes – KDM

Day 29:

Self-Love Diet Tip #29: Find Readings that Inspire or Uplift You – Emelina and Michelle Minero

Day 29: Back at it – Tathra Street

I Can’t Sleep, Send Love – Anonymous

Day 30:

Self-Love Diet Tip #30 Love Lessons from Art – Michelle Minero

Day 30: Standing tall – Tathra Street

Day 31:

The Last Day? Or the Beginning? – Michelle Minero

Day 31!!!! Self love challenge complete! – Tathra Street

We Can Only Keep Trying – Kay

End of the Rainbow – Becca M.

Navigating Bravery – Tessa Thornberry

2013 Self-Love Writing Prompts

January Prompt

For January 2013, we held the 31-day Self-Love Writing Challenge, where we challenged ourselves to write a self-love post for each day of January. January also marked the Self-Love Writing Contest. The person who wrote the most self-love posts for the month of January won an autographed copy of my book, Self-Love Diet: The Only Diet That Works. You can see who won the contest here, and you can read the original post for January’s prompt here.

February Prompt

February is the month of love. Use this month to consciously spread love to others. I know when I send someone a smile, a text or share my appreciation of a special quality they have, I feel good. Let’s share the love. Notice how it makes you feel when you send your love to others. To read the original post for this prompt, click here.

March Prompt

The prompt for the month of March is to use the Self-Love Practice of suspending judgments.Β Just as the vernal equinox reminds us that our days and nights are approximately equal, let’s remember that all the things we judge as good or β€œlight” have a shadow, just as those things that we judge as bad or β€œdark” have light.Β When you are able to be present with what is, do your best this month to try to be with it, whatever it is, without making it good or bad. Because really, who knows? To read the original post for this prompt, click here.

April Prompt

The prompt for April is “What would love do?” to read the original post for this prompt, click here.

May Prompt

The prompt for the month of May is to focus on bringing more love into your body. Can you honestly say the following sentence out loud and mean it? β€œI love my body!” I hope so. Will you share with us how you are able to say that to yourself and mean it? If you can’t yet speak those words truthfully, it’s OK, just notice where you are in the process.Β How will you consciously choose to bring more love into your body? To read the original post for this prompt, click here.

June Prompt

The prompt for June is firing your inner critic and hiring a new judge with more supportive and empowering qualities. What qualities do you want your inner judge to have? To read the original post for this prompt, click here.

July Prompt

The prompt for July is offering ourselves love daily through actions inspired by the 7 paths of the Self-Love Diet: Spiritual, Body, Mind and Emotion, Relationship, Cultural and World paths. To read the original post for this prompt, click here.

August Prompt

For the month of August we will be focusing on providing your body with appreciation and gratitude and focusing on your body as an instrument, instead of an ornament.Β Look at your body through the lens of gratitude and appreciation. Can you find 31 things to be grateful to your body for? To read the original post for this prompt, click here.

September Prompt

The month of September is a month of harvesting. We are entering autumn and leaving summer behind. We will focus on leaving behind those beliefs, qualities and actions that interfere with our goal of Self-Love. Instead we will harvest those inner qualities that we want to β€œput on our table of life.” When you think of a Harvest Banquet of self-loving qualities, which inner qualities will you place on your table of life?Β For the month of September you are invited to pick one or more inner quality that you want to release and/or develop. To read the original post for this prompt, click here.

October Prompt

For the month of October our prompt will be focusing on bringing love into the relationships in your life. First the relationship with yourself, and then your relationship with others.Β I will post blog posts this month focusing on β€œtools” you can use to create a more loving relationship with yourself and others.Β Let the month of October be your challenge to use the Self-Love Diet to enhance all of your relationships, starting with you! To read the original post for this prompt, click here.

November Prompt

Inspiration is the prompt for November.Β How can you go beyond thinking loving thoughts to the ability to feel love for yourself and your body?Β What would happen if you inhale visions of where you want to be emotionally, spiritually, physically and in a relationship with yourself and others?Β This month’s prompt is to find inspiring messages, quotes and/or images that you will share on ourΒ Facebook page. To read the original post for this prompt, click here.

December Prompt

For the month of December our prompt will be to focus on what’s really important in our lives. To read the original post for this prompt, click here.

Self-Love Posts from the 31-Day Self-Love Writing Challenge

January 1:

January is Self-Love Month – Michelle Minero

Change = Self-Love – Anonymous

Accepting Your Brilliance – Lindsey Wert

January 2:

Day 2 of the Self-Love Writing Challenge: Self-Love Is a Double Gift – Michelle Minero

Healing and Self-Love – Lindsey Wert

She… – Lindsey Wert

Being Aware of My Health – Emelina Minero

January 3:

The Key to Happiness: My Inner Smile – Emelina Minero

Self-Love Day #3 – Michelle Minero

She continued … – Lindsey Wert

January 4:

Did You Know that Self-Love is Contagious? – Michelle Minero

Work-Life Balance – Emelina Minero

Reviewing the Past – Lindsey Wert

January 5:

Be Love, Do Love – Michelle Minero

How I Work Best – Emelina Minero

Grace – Lindsey Wert

January 6:

New Beginnings Require Endings – Michelle Minero

Focusing on the Soul – Lindsey Wert

Actions – Emelina Minero

January 7:

We Are Human Beings, Not Human Doings – Michelle Minero

Changing My Thoughts, Changing My Habits – Emelina Minero

SELF LOVE IS … – Lindsey Wert

January 8:

Day 8 of the Self-Love Challenge – Michelle Minero

Self-Love: Time Off – Emelina Minero

Acceptance – Lindsey Wert

January 9:

Believe – Lindsey Wert

January 10:

Making Changes – Anonymous/Happier Me (:

You – Lindsey Wert

January 11:

Slugs Can Be Beautiful Too – Anonymous

What I Have Learned – Lindsey Wert

January 13:

Love – Lindsey Wert

January 14:

Care and Concern – Lindsey Wert

January 15:

Doing My Imperfect Best – Michelle Minero

January 16:

January 16th: Halfway There – Michelle Minero

January 17:

Learning How To Relax – Emelina Minero

Receiving – Lindsey Wert

January 18:

Listening To My Body – Emelina Minero

Growing Pains – Michelle Minero

Coming Back to the Light – Lindsey Wert

January 20:

Learning How To Schedule Days Off – Emelina Minero

Time – Lindsey Wert

January 21:

Beliefs – Lindsey Wert

January 22:

Inviting Love In – Michelle Minero

Love Life – Lindsey Wert

January 23:

I’m Grateful For My Anxiety – Emelina Minero

An Emotionally Rich Life – Michelle Minero

January 24:

Trying Something New/My First Time – Wuisa

I am Beautiful – Lauren Leiggi

On Taking Risks – Emelina Minero

Cake – Lindsey Wert

January 26:

C’est La Vie – Hannah Carolyn

How You Think Changes Everything – Lindsey Wert

January 28:

Self Change – Wuisa

My Aunty Thelma’s Love – Michelle Minero

Vita Abundantior – A Life More Abundant – Emelina Minero

January 30:

Trusting Others – Lindsey Wert

Listening To My Energy – Michelle Minero

January 31:

The Power of Opportunity – Emelina Minero

I’M GONNA LET IT SHINE – Michelle Minero

February – Consciously Spreading Your Love To Others:

February 2:

My Acts of Self-Love – Emelina Minero

February 4:

Adding a little Love in sex! – Wuisa

February 5:

Cultivating Stillness – Hannah Carolyn

Where Does Strength Come From – Hannah Carolyn

February 6:

Thank you Lis – Wuisa

February 7:

The Self-Love Diet – Lindsey Wert

The Winner of the LWC’s Self-Love Writing Contest Is – Michelle Minero

February 11:

My Self-Love Radical Activist Practice – Emelina Minero

February 13:

Rant – Wuisa

February 15:

My Evolving Self-Love Practice: Fostering The Flow – Emelina Minero

Changing The Story – Michelle Minero

February 20:

They ask: I answer, creatively. – Wuisa

February 23:

February the Month of Love – Michelle Minero

February 25:

Rollercoaster – Happier Me (:

February 26:

Lent – M

My Dream Job Come True – Lindsey Wert

February 27:

It’s Time to Stop Identifying with Beliefs that Hold Me Back – Emelina Minero


March – Suspending Judgements:

March 1:

Who Knows? – Michelle Minero

Inspiration – Amy Faith Sears

March 5:

Women in Action – Michelle Minero

March 8:

My Worst Judge – Amy Faith Sears

March 11:

Imperfections – Wuisa

March 13:

Letting Go – Amy Faith Sears

March 14:

Aloe Me To Explain – HannahΒ Carolyn

March 18:

I Decided To Be In a Bad Mood – Hannah Carolyn

March 29:

Follow Your Passion – Michelle Minero

April – What Would Love Do?

April 1

Spring Collection of Self-Love Activities: What Would Love Do? – Michelle Minero

April 16

What Would Love Do – Michelle Minero

April 25

For Me – Amy Faith Sears

Happiness – Shannon

Sometimes Being Kind To Yourself Can Be Hard To Do – Emelina Minero

April 27

Remembering Happiness – Wuisa Fernanda

Patience – Wuisa Fernanda

My Solitude – Wuisa Fernanda

April 30

Life Bursting From The Seams – Michelle Minero

May – Bringing More Love Into Your Body:

May 2

I Love My Body!!! – Michelle Minero

May 29

Cultivating Peace – Emelina Minero

June – Firing Your Inner Critic:

June 2

Fire Your Judge – Michelle Minero

June 6

Letting Go So Well I Forgot! – Michelle Minero

June 7

Changing My Expectations And Letting Go – Emelina Minero

June 10

Eyes Wide Open – Rochelle

June 11

How To Fire Your Inner Judge In 5 Easy Steps – Michelle Minero

June 17

Visualizing Peace – Emelina Minero

June 17

An Ethical, Compassionate And Knowledgable Judge – Michelle Minero

I’m Hiring A New Judge – Emelina Minero

June 18

An Unlimited Supply Of Beauty And Grace – Michelle Minero

June 25

Hire A New Judge – Michelle Minero

June 27

Question The Authority – Jennifer Ballard

Go With The Flow – Nannette Magnani

July – Offering Yourself Daily Self-Love Actions:

July 15

The 7 Paths Of The Self-Love Diet As A Guide For Daily Self-Love Actions – Michelle Minero

Power Of The Spoken Word – Lindsey Wert

July 21

Benediction – Michelle Minero

July 29

Loving Yourself Is An Inside Job – Michelle Minero

August – Offering Your Body Appreciation:

August 1

How Do You Think Of Your Body? – Michelle Minero

September – Harvesting Self-Loving Qualities:

September 2

Harvesting Self-Love – Michelle Minero

September 9

Handling Great Expectations – Emelina Minero

September 13

If I Could Choose – Michelle Minero

October – Bringing Love Into Our Relationships:

October 2

Your Most Important Relationship – Michelle Minero

Self-Love Writing Prompts from 2012:

Our January theme was the 10-Minute Self-Love Challenge. Our goal was to write daily 10 minute self-love posts to work on building consistency and to remember we all have time to do a little self-love work each day – because who can’t find 10 minutes out of the day to fit in some self-love writing?

Our February theme was, What Would Love Do? Whenever we needed inspiration for our self-love writing, we remembered the prompt, What Would Love Do?

Our March themeΒ was about passion. What impassions you? What drives you? We’re using March to explore our passions and loves in life.

Our April themeΒ was about becoming aware of our thought patterns. When we become aware of our negative thought cycles, we will then have the power to change them.

Our May themeΒ was about becoming aware of the mothering and nurturing energy around us, and working on cultivating it ourselves to bring more nurturing energy into our lives.

Our June themeΒ was about finding, cultivating and bringing in fathering and protective energy into our lives.

Our July theme was a free write month to explore whatever came to us.

Our August theme was to write one self-love post a week.

Our September themeΒ was about change, what we need to let go of in our lives to make change happen and what change we want to bring into our lives.

Our October themeΒ was about accepting our brilliance. What are you brilliant at? Do you already own your brilliance? If not, what can you do to give yourself permission to own your brilliance?

Our November theme was gratitude. What are you grateful for?

Our December theme was unique gifts. Wat are the gifts that you give to yourself and others that cannot be wrapped in a box?

January: 10 Minute Self-Love Posts

January 3rd:
10 Minutes to Self-Love β€” Michelle Minero
Self-Love Post in 10 Minutes β€” Emelina Minero
My Self-Love, The World’s Benefit β€” Demetrest
The Gift of Receiving and Truly Being Received β€” Lindsey Wert
Finding Courage β€” Alisha
January 4th:
January 4th β€” Michelle Minero
New Year, New Beginnings β€” Megan McIntyre
The Glee in a Teeny Banana β€” Katie Benedetto
Boundaries β€” Lindsey Wert
Reading is Fundamental! β€” Ja’el Daniely
Thoughts That Went Through My Mind Today β€” Emelina Minero
January 5th:
10 Expanding Minutes of Self-Love β€” Michelle Minero
What If You Woke Up and Did Something Completely Unexpected? β€” Emelina Minero
hey Ja’el β€” Ja’el Daniely
January 6th:
Doing Less Is More β€” Michelle Minero
Change (This post/blog was inspired by the self-love posts) β€” Megan Hageman
Connecting β€” Emelina Minero
Some Help β€” Ja’el Danielty
Recovery β€” Lindsey Wert
January 7th:
Baby Brooklyn β€” Ja’el Daniely
Listening To My Inner Wisdom β€” Emelina Minero
January 8th:
A Life Well Lived β€” Michelle Minero
The Simple Joys In Life β€” Ja’el Daniely
Being In The Moment β€” Lindsey Wert
January 9th:
Letting Go: The Energy Value of Our Possessions β€” Emelina Minero
If The Shoe Fits … β€” Ja’el Daniely
Unraveling β€” Lindsey Wert
January 10th:
Going to Bed Early = Self-Love β€” Michelle Minero
In My Own Time β€” Ja’el Daniely
The Positives in the Negatives β€” Emelina Minero
Moments to Treasure β€” Lindsey Wert
January 11th:
Counting Blessings Before Sunrise β€” Michelle Minero
“Everything Is A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity” β€” Noah Kagan β€” Emelina Minero
Taking the Time for Others β€” Sandra Borba
January 12th:
Why Not? β€” Brittany
A Little R&R β€” Ja’el Daniely
Death and Rebirth β€” Lindsey Wert
January 13th:
Learning To See the Beauty in Your Fears β€” Emelina Minero
BELIEVE β€” Lindsey Wert
January 14th:
Deciding To Live With Purpose β€” Emelina Minero
Bucket List Before 30 β€” Lindsey Wert
January 15th:
10 Minute Self-Love Challenge: The Power of Nothing β€” Katie Benedetto
Friendship β€” Lindsey Wert
January 16th:
This Is One Piece of Advice That You Will Never Regret Acting On β€” Emelina Minero
The Two Wolves β€” Lindsey Wert
January 17th:
Who Am I? β€” Michelle Minero
10 Things I Love About Myself β€” Lindsey Wert
January 19th:
The Six (not five) Senses β€” Lindsey Wert
January 20th:
27 Years β€” Lindsey Wert
January 22:
Living On My Own Rhythm β€” Emelina Minero
SELF LOVE β€” Lindsey Wert
January 23:
Self-Love To Do List β€” Michelle Minero
Being Loving On Difficult Days β€” Lindsey Wert
Struggling To Keep A Positive Mindset β€” Emelina Minero
January 25:
Procrastination Is Not A Self-Love Practice β€” Michelle Minero
January 26:
BALANCE ACT β€” Lindsey Wert
January 28:
Learning to Fly β€” Lindsey Wert
January 29:
Breaking Through Unfounded Fears β€” Emelina Minero
10 More Self-Love Actions For Your List β€” Michelle Minero
January 30:
Relaxation: A Note To My Future Self β€” Emelina Minero
2 Days Left to the 10 Minute Self-Love Challenge! β€” Michelle Minero
Self-Love Actions β€” Lindsey Wert
January 31:
Last day in January opens the door to the first day in February β€” Michelle Minero

February: What Would Love Do?

February 1:
What would love do? β€” Michelle Minero
I don’t know what love would do. β€” Emelina Minero
February 5:
WHAT WOULD LOVE DO? πŸ™‚ β€” Lindsey Wert
February 6:
I Want to Live in the Present Moment β€” Emelina Minero
It’s Amazing What Love Would Do! β€” Michelle Minero
February 7:
What If We Don’t Want A Formula To Life? β€” Emelina Minero
February 8:
My Strongest Connection β€” Ja’el Daniely
I Don’t Know What To Write β€” Emelina Minero
February 9:
Human Potential β€” Emelina Minero
Love Warrior History β€” Michelle Minero
February 12:
RISK β€” Lindsey Wert
February 14:
Will You Be My Valentine? – Michelle Minero
February 21:
How Do I Love Myself? β€” Michelle Minero
February 24:
Walt Disney’s Weighty Matters β€” Michelle Minero
February 25:
Healing and Patters β€” Lindsey Wert

March: What Are You Passionate About?

March 1:
What Do You Love? β€” Michelle Minero
March 3:
Knots Prayer β€” Lindsey Wert
March 4:
The Reasons Behind What and Who You Love β€” Michelle Minero
What Do I Love? β€” Emelina Minero
March 6:
Profiles in Post Collegiate Courage: Emelina Minero β€” Emelina MInero
Passion in the Dark and Light β€” Lindsey Wert
When You Learn to Love Yourself, Everything Else Will Fall Into Place β€” Anonymous
Divorce and Remarriage β€” Anonymous
March 7:
Passion and Beauty β€” Lindsey Wert
March 8:
Passion’s Poem β€” Lindsey Wert
One Minute Passion β€” Michelle Minero
March 10:
I Looked Into My Eyes β€” Emelina Minero
March 11:
Falling In Love With Yourself β€” Lindsey Wert
March 14:
Two of My Passions β€” Michelle Minero
REALLY? β€” Lindsey Wert
March 18:
An Invocation to the Soul Self β€” Lindsey Wert
March 19:
My Offering β€” Lindsey Wert
March 31
Adjusting Others’ Expectations To Better Fit Mine β€” Emelina Minero

April: Become Aware of Your Negative Thought Patterns (So You Can Change Them)

April 1
Enjoying The Process β€” Emelina Minero
Developing A Self-Love Practice β€” Emelina Minero
April Fools! β€” Michelle Minero
April 2
Compassion β€” Lindsey Wert
April 9:
Mind Games β€” Michelle Minero
April 20:
Self-Critic and Self-Love β€” Lindsey Wert
April 24:
Earth Day 2012 β€” Michelle Minero
April 29:
On Self-Love & Getting Real β€” Eric Ruiz
April 30:
Dealing with Anxiety β€” Emelina Minero
Trying To Remember β€” Michelle Minero

May: Finding and Cultivating Mothering and Feminine Energy

May 4:
May is Mother’s Day Month β€” Michelle Minero
May 8:
Cultivating My Own Mothering Energy β€” Emelina Minero
May 9:
Being Grateful For Small Progress β€” Emelina Minero
May 10:
On Giving Up β€” Emelina Minero
Did President Obama Read the Prompt for May? β€” Michelle Minero
May 24:
Being β€” Emelina Minero
May 30:
Difficulties β€” Emelina Minero

June: Finding and Cultivating Fathering and Masculine Energy

June 2:
Bringing in Fathering Energy β€” Michelle Minero
June 4:
Cultivating Energy β€” Emelina Minero
Bringing in Fathering Energy β€” Michelle Minero
June 13:
Loving Masculine Energy β€” Michelle Minero
My Favorite Method of Self-Discovery β€” Emelina Minero
June 14:
Changing No I Can’t to Yes I Can β€” Emelina Minero
June 21:
Celebrate Yourself Today & Gift Yourself with Loving Thoughts – Emelina Minero
June 22:
The Swan – Lindsey Wert
June 29:
New Growth and Transitions – Michelle Minero

July: Free Write Month

July 20:
July = Independence Month – Michelle Minero

August: Weekly Writing Challenge

August 1:
Weekly Challenge for August – Michelle Minero
August 7:
Team Spirit – Michelle Minero
August 13:
Inaction & Present Moment Living – Emelina Minero
August 15:
Stigmas and Judgements – Emelina Minero
August 20:
Anything Is Possible – Renee Ho
Not Sure – Emelina Minero

September: Allowing Change To Happen

September 19:
Dream a big Scary Dream – Michelle Minero

October: Owning Your Brilliance

October 1:
Are You Brilliant? – Michelle Minero
October 2:
Can I Accept My Own Brilliance? – Emelina Minero

November: Gratitude

November 20
The Month of Gratitude – Michelle Minero

December: Unique Gifts

December 2:
Unique Gifts – Michelle Minero
December 3:
The Unique Gifts of Monday December 3rd – Michelle Minero

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